October 28, 2010


Etude Volume Up Mascara ~ Review

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Today my review is going to be on Etude Volume Up Mascara!

What it claims?

Pump up the volume on your lashes with Etude! Etude mascara creates extremely long lashes that will hold up on the dance floor!

(Sorry about the name, it got rubbed off..lol)

My Views

I think this was the first 'Etude' product that i tried...I bought this mascara from a store nearby 'Shazz super market' for about 225rs. The sales person over there showed me a loreal and a maybelline mascara aswell...but i was kind of 'out of my budget' at that time so i went for this one hehe..

You can see its a 'volume up mascara' so its supposed to give volume to your lashes. The color of this baby is Black. I really haven't tried any colored mascaras. Dont know how would i end up looking like..lol

The brush of this mascara is straight, but i know u can see it tilting a bit in the pic..right?
That was done by me hehe...i tilted the brush a bit myself and it really helps me in applying mascara easily...i dont know about you guys but i feel comfortable with a tilted brush

And yea, this mascara is not waterproof...so it easily comes off with water!

Well, i dont really apply mascara for the whole day, but this doesnt disappoint me if im wearing it for 6 to 8 hours...Plus, the climate on karachi gets quite hot and humid im the summers and also in octobers...So, this survived pretty well in that climate aswell!

well, this is a pretty decent one, its been with me for quite a long period and it hasn't dried up...and i really did not find it clumpy, i guess if you clean your mascara brush after every four or five times of use, just with a clean tissue paper...your mascara wont get clumpy, so there you go...i just gave you guys a great tip ;)

And now i'll show you the performance of this mascara...

Before Applying Mascara

After Applying Mascara

You can see the results of it, although i coated my lashes not much with it...i just gave one coat and it really defined my lashes well, gave me a good length and helped my lashes look a bit fuller...My lashes are naturally curled, so i really dont need a lash curler for curling them...This baby lifts my lashes very nicely, if i put on too many coats, the result would surely be clumpy but three coats of this mascara gives a great illusion of almost fake lashes...the clumping problem is i guess with all the mascaras out there

The color is intense enough to show up on pictures, it doesnt give you very dramatic look...that i guess is upto the texture of you lashes...my lashes arent thick, but the good thing is that it doesn't flake or smudge

Well im pretty happy with this purchase, and probably would be buying it again...Hope you guys liked the review, do tell me which brand of mascara you like and also dislike?

Will be waiting for your comments, questions, opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Very nice review :) the product seems great to me

  2. Yea, this is a good inexpensive product :)

  3. are you sure it is a real etude product, because etude products do not come off this cheap =)

  4. I recently bought the same :)

  5. @anonymous....yea its real because lately Etude's prices have lowered everywhere in karachi.

    this could be because of ease in transportation


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