October 6, 2010


Luscious Cosmetics Whitening Base ~ Review

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[Update: This product has been discontinued.. Click Here for the Review of its Newer Version]

Luscious Cosmetics, a Pakistani makeup company has emerged from zero to a hit in the Pakistani market...starting off with its range of products, there are all essentials in their stock..but they still need to expand their range...overall, as compared to the local products found in Pakistan...Luscious cosmetics is a very good quality brand, and worth checking out!

What they Say?

Luscious Ultra-Protective Whitening Base SPF 35 is the perfect product to protect your skin from sun-damage and dark spots. It is oil free and will control oiliness all day. I recommend using it on your hands as well because our hands are most prone to environmental damage and dark spots, and you want them to look as pretty as your face.

Its a Three in One: 
• Oil-free Moisturizer
• High performance Sun Protection (SPF 35)
• Makeup Primer

ShyCheeeks Experience?

I have a very oily skin on the T-zone area in the summer hot humid weather of Karachi...but in the winter it gets very dry...I applied this base in the morning (on the start of summers..not at all too hot or humid out there right now), before about 8am...and this base worked well on my skin! really, i have alot of oiliness problem when it comes to moisturizers...and it delivered the 'mattifying' effect to my skin till 3 hours...i just needed a little touch-ups on my T-zone...the rest of the face stayed fine..but i don't think this would hold up my disastrous oiliness for more than 1 or 2 hours in the humid weather!

i dont like putting on heavy moisturizers in the summer time, and this base is light on my skin...it feels smooth and soft, if you know how silicone bases feel like...it blends away nicely and gives your skin a radiant glow, just make sure you don't apply too much of it!

Apart from these, i really felt that the tube that this base comes in is very small...i wished luscious had offered a bit bigger bottle in this price...i also did use it as my makeup primer, and it really helped my foundation to blend in nicely into my skin and also made the foundation stick a little longer...and i really liked the fact that this product has spf 35 because in Karachi, u have to experience a very hot humid climate...and this product protects me from the harmful sun UV rays :)

Overall, This base comes in a small tube, its a cute packaging but i wished the tube was bigger than the actual one...this will suit people with normal/combination skin..but people with oily skin would want something with more oil absorbing!
It costs Rs.745. You can get it from any Luscious Cosmetics counters or from their website.

ShyCheeeks thinks its okay to give this baby a try!

hope this review was helpful for u guys, if you guys have any questions or want to share your own personal experiences about this product...then do comment below....till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. I had never heard about this brand before so thanks so much for this review! I have become a new follower,

  2. Thanks for the review!
    I'm your new follower, check out my blog & i hope you can follow me back (:


  3. ThankYou for your support, im glad u guys liked it :)

    @catanya...this is a Pakistani Brand, but its made in USA...it has not disappointed me so far with its products :)

    @nazish...im following u, lol that sounds creepy :P

  4. wow.. 2 follwers!!!

  5. Lovely review :) I just love your presentation a lot.

  6. Hi great review. I have a dry skin in winter but its normal in summer. The thing Im concerned is that whenever I put any sort of moisturizer it just totally makes my skin oily and my complexion darkens. Did that happen with u when u used Luscious sunscreen??

  7. Hmm i also have a huge problem with moisturizers making my skin oily!
    ..but this didn't make my skin feel oily, it left my skin silky smooth :)
    But yes, you'll have to touch up your oiliness after few hours..

  8. hey great review m defo gonna get this one n wd post later abt my xperience ..i hav super oily skin that sometimes im scared of being attacked by america lol hope u got it

  9. @Anonymous, this won't work well on super oily skin..i also have super oily skin in summers of karachi and this doen't help controlling the oils for long :(
    ..its better for normal to combination skin people!

  10. plz follow my blog every one..! :) love this blog

  11. hey tel me does it also perfectly function as a primer. i hv open pores on my cheeks n r even visible after applying foundation. someone told me use primer before makeup. so should i go 4 this product?

  12. Umm i don't have huge pores, they're quite small and this does minimize everything..but i don't think it would be that great if you have big pores! :)

  13. can any1 tel me that what is the price of this whitening base

    1. This ones no longer available, the new one is i think for 975rs!
      heres my review on it: http://shycheeeks.blogspot.com/2012/02/new-luscious-whitening-base-for.html


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