October 8, 2010


my Love ~ my Mood Ring

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Hey there guys, hope everything is good at your side :)

Today im going to show you guys my love ~ my mood ring ;)

I was roaming around a Claire's shop where i bumped into this ring...its a mood ring, i heard about this ring alot...but wasnt able to find it ANYWHERE, seriously...and when i saw this ring at Claire's, i almost jumped in excitement hehe :)

There were 4 or 5 rings like this one available at Claire's, one oval (the above one), second was rectangle like this (i couldn't find that the day i bought this one ), third had a heart shape on it (it was i bit smaller one), fourth and fifth were simple round rings!
This one of mine changes 6 colors, cool eh?;) ...some changed to only 4 colors!

Six Moods of the Mood Ring are;
Blue: calm
Bluish Green: flirty
Green: happy
Amber: crabby
Purple: excited
Black: sad

Mood rings, by its name suggests your mood...but it really doesnt show your mood...yea i know, i wish it would :( ...it works with temperature...if its hot, it will turn blue...likewise if it gets a bit pleasant, it'll turn green or amber...if the temperature gets a bit cool, the color will turn purple...black comes when it is freezingly cold! 

you can see im feeling very calm according to the mood ring, apart from the hot temperature :/ ...lol, but i still love this ring...i love when it changes colors, and i really love big rings ;)


although i bought this ring from Claire's, this mood oval has stopped changing color from some areas :(
i mean not exactly stopped, but now one part of the ring changes the color quickly nd other changes slowly..i searched the internet, everyone said that Claire's sells good quality mood rings...but then what happened to my ring in just 3 months?? :(

Still i really love this ring, the fact that it has become a double color ring doesn't bother me much :)

do you guys have any mood ring/jewellery experience, please do share with me...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. hmmmmmmmmmmm... this one is nice;)
    can a men wear it :D lol i know its kinda weird question but yeah :P

    1. Try realmoodrings.com, I got me and my husband really nice sterling silver rings from there.

  2. haha i suggest you can buy this for your girlfriend or wife :P
    ..but it wont look weird in your finger aswell, u should check it yourself :)

  3. lol, beautiful gift for my gf ;)
    Next time im gonna gift her that ring :P
    thnkx ;)

  4. so sweet , wear can i buy one , ? btw i live in islamabad

  5. Well this ring is from a Claire's Accessories shop in Saudi Arabia..didnt buy it from Pakistan!
    ...but i've heard there are some places in pakistan where these are sold...i checked here in karachi, there a shop named Bling Accessories...but mood rings here only changes from two to three colors :(
    Dont know about Islamabad..

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