October 20, 2010


Sodium Laureth Sulfate ~ WHAATT?!

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Today, i bumped into this particular chemical...thanks to my sister who studies about this sort of stuff...do you know what it is?
lemme introduce you with this fellow 'sodium laureth sulfate' or 'sodium lauryl sulfate' (SLS or SLES) ...like the name, this fellow doesnt sound friendly aswell....my sister told me that this 'SLS' causes hair loss and is found in most of our shampoos! so the first thing i did was, i went to google and searched it...you can also go and find ALOT about it over there!

After reading all the information...i came to know that it causes skin irritation, hair loss, cataracts in adults if it comes in contact with eyes...okay im starting to sound scary now, aint i? :/
so on and so forth, there were plenty more cons of this
this SLS ingredient is for basically 'deep cleaning' ...it is used mostly in detergents etc...this will keep your hair from looking greasy! i checked my shampoo ingredients and found it was present there too :/ ...oh well, my shampoo bottle is running out...so i'll be checking out some other SLS free shampoo...btw, im using sunsilk damage repair shampoo these days, lol can u believe it...damage repair shampoo and such kind of ingredient in it :/ ...but from now on...sunsilk, you are not invited to my home, unless you let go off your SLS! lol

Do you even check what ingredient is in your shampoo? well, i dont...but im surely going to check from now on!

Now talking about Hair loss, we all know that everyone sheds almost 100 hair everyday...and after using these SLS shampoos, why arent we all bald yet? It may have caused your hair to shed some extra hair, hmm?
And apart from this hair loss factor, this SLS also has some harmful facts aswell, so why take risk?
We all want our body to be healthy, dont we?

If you use some SLS containing shampoo, do rinse your hair and body thoroughly...and dont lather your hair for a long time, do consider these precautions while shampooing!

After reading all the facts about this particular ingredient, i'll be checking out some SLS free shampoos from now on...its better to take precautions for yourself, am i right? do check your shampoo ingredients aswell...till then takecare of yourself :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. :/
    my every shampoo contains this killer.. lol
    please suggest some good shampoos without that sls..
    thnkx :)

  2. hmmm sure, i'll search for some shampoos, will post the names soon...just keep in touch :)

  3. Thanks! That is really informative.

  4. SLS free shampoos are hard to find in Pakistan , although if you know someone in UK, i recommend asking them to pink or order Liz earle shampoo and conditioner. I loved them m even reviewed on my blog

  5. ahaan thanks for the info :)
    ..i also searched here for SLS free shampoos, the Himalaya herbals and the old pantene one doens't have it..except for these, all contain SLS!

  6. I found an alternative to shampoo, read it here:
    Hope this helps!

  7. umm ! hey ShyCheeks .. really Himalaya Herbals do not sound promising at all =(
    please somebody suggest sulfate-frees which are affordable as well as available here in Pakistan ..

    1. Every shampoo contains this ingredient -__-
      You have to make some homemade shampoo to skip these chemicals :P


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