November 24, 2010


Cosmeceutique Acne & Pimple ~ Review

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Hmm so here comes a Review on a quite hyped product!
Cosmeceutique...ugh, the name is so difficult..and no one understands the name when first heard lol...but we're not talking about the name over here!

So here is the Cosmeceutique Acne & Pimple tube...

What They Say?

A unique and rational formulation, which not only effectively acts against acne & pimples but also prevents future outbreak and makes skin smooth, vibrant and blemish free by:
• Controlling oiliness of the skin
• Reducing inflammation of pimples
• Keeping skin blemish free

Ingredients & How they Work?

Rosemarinic Acid: A powerful antioxidant also purifies the skin and keeps skin fresh and clean.
Vitex oil: a potent anti-acne agent, controls acne and pimples and keeps skin smooth, soft and acne free.
Policosanol: Supports the management of healthy sebum level, increases the circulation of skin blood, and diminishes inflammation leaving skin healthy.
Oleuropin: Most promising antimicrobial, antioxidant which protects from skin damages by sun rays.
Salicylic acid: Helps slow down shedding of the cells inside the follicles, preventing pores from clogging up. It also helps break down blackheads and whiteheads.

How to Use?

Apply twice daily by massaging gently in circular motion until complete absorption. Visible improvements will appear normally in 4 weeks. Use regularly to maintain a healthy skin.

Yea this is the color of this creme...ahem, i know it looks disgusting lol...but i was desperate to use this cream on my face because it claimed a blemish free face breaks out hugely in humid summers of karachi, when my skin turns into a grease ball..yuck indeed!

So cosmeceutique hype attracted my in trying out this product...because it said i'll get sebum control and yea, blemish free skin!

My Experience

Starting off with the color...ahem, its yucky..seriously, it looks weird when ur applying something green on your face...but dont worry, the color doesn't show up...The smell is okay, not too strong..It didn't bother me at all

This product claims that after a month you'll see visible changes on your i used this product for a changes!
So, i kept on using it for another month..ugh, still i was getting very frequent blemishes on my skin :(

I was very excited to try this product..because i heard alot about it, but it didn't work for me...and the fact that it controls sebum, its all wrong...applying this creme on my face made it too much greasy...if you have oily skin, i wont recommend you to even look at it lol...i used to apply just a little amount of product on my affected area, hoping that maybe it'll do miracles for my skin someday...but still it made my skin very oily and made me break out...if you have oily skin and you apply it in a bit greater amount, your skin will start suffocating!

I only like the packaging..its not great, but its nice...comes in a 50g tube
Price is 600 PKR, which was a total waste after the results i got from it!

In the end i would just say that this product just came with a huge hype..after using it, it really did disappoint me!

Have you tried out this product? If not then what do you use for getting  rid of your blemishes?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. I am sorry that it didn't work for you :( Its quite disappointing. Anyway, Lovely review! :)

  2. Thanks sara :)
    ..yea i really was excited while buying this, but was a total disappointment :(

  3. I have never heard of this product before :)

    xoxo Christine

  4. christine, this is a Pakistani Brand :)

  5. Hey! Nice review!

    I just saw your comment on my post about the Wink palette after ages! So sorry for getting back at you waay late. I figured no one would be coming to my blog since I have very few posts. College has been driving me crazy! Our Winter Break is coming up and then I'll be back to doing more posts! I have a whole bunch of reviews to be done!

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm definitely following you!

  6. It is the best best product for me !! loving it. my skin is also oily but it doesnot make the conditions worse. I started using it a month ago and it is really doing miracles on me :)

  7. Moreover they have changed the colour of creme now. It comes in white colour :)

  8. Use Saeed Ghani's "Sandal soap". It is AMAZING. And also try tea tree oil. Both have worked wonders for my skin! For moisturising, I use St Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturiser and it works really well for me. When you use it in summers, it feels greasy but doesn't look greasy at all. And in the drier months, it's absolutely perfect. :)

  9. My experience with Cosmeceutique facewash wasn't nice too. I don;t know why are they so hyped about? Nice and honest review. :)


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