November 6, 2010


Garnier light Eye Roll-on ~ Review

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Hello my lovely readers, are you guys tired of puffy eyes, and those big bad dark circles?
Then keep on reading because today we'll be discussing Garnier Skin Naturals Light Eye Roll-on! (phew, thats a big name)

Their Promise..

* Anti-Puffiness, Anti-Dark Circles
* Massaging Roller helps drain puffiness
* Immediate cooling effect

How do I Use it?

This Roll-on as you can tell by its name has a roller ball on it, its a metal roll-on ball. You have to massage it under your eyes in a semi-circular motion. The fluid thats inside this tube instantly gives you a cooling effect to help in soothing your tired puffy eyes. Just massage the roll-on ball two to three times from the inner corner of your under eyes to the outer corner. Afterwards you can massage the fluid by your ring finger the same way if you find access fluid.

Pretty easy, isn't it?

Did it Work for Me?

I get a bit under eye bags and after using this, it helped me in reducing tiredness of my eyes..but not completely getting rid of my under eye bags. I would say the cooling effect is great for relaxing your eyes. I was using this product for almost 6 months, and it wasn't completely getting rid of under eye puffiness and dark circles..i guess this is a pretty decent product for only getting rid of tired eyes!

I've heard alot of people regret buying it, maybe i would also be looking for something else instead of this next time..because it didn't completely help me!
I don't really remember how much it costs, but i think it was between 300 to 400 PKR, when i bought it from imtiaz Superstore.

So overall, its an okay product. Its not greasy or irritating. Feels like you have nothing on, can be applied anytime when you feel your eyes are tired. It will give you a soothing cool effect to relieve the tiredness of eyes only.

The size is very nice and compact, its the Garnier Skin Natural 'Light' one. It comes in a travel-friendly yellow roll-on tube (well not a tube actually, its sort of a plastic cylinder lol). The product wont come out of it. So you dont have to worry about it and can take it anywhere with you!

But still, i don't recommend you to buy it!

Have you tried out this product? If not then what do you use for getting  rid of your under eye puffiness and dark-circles?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Have you seen the Garnier Roll On Anti Dark Circles in any store??

  2. Which make is it? I mean is it Made in India or some other country? Because last night I went to Naheed SuperMarket and they had 2 of them.

  3. This one is by Loreal India..there are few versions of this roll-on, a dark green one and a tinted one aswell..

  4. oh....i wz jus thinking f getting it,but nw..i wud gv a second thot 2 mah decision.... then wt cn i use 4 dark circles..?dey r really irritating n depressing.... :(

  5. Check this post for Dark Circles:
    ..Hope it helps :)

  6. if any one use it then please tel me about its result

  7. if any one use it then please tel me about its result.does it work?remove dark circles

  8. Garnier Produnts Are mostly originated from india


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