November 9, 2010


Hair Loss ~ Anyone?

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Yea, i know hair fall is the biggest problem in the whole world...but the question is how to solve it?
Lemme share my story with you....How i reduced my Hair Fall by just following some easy steps!

I used to have really lonng and thick hair in my late teens, everyone used to envy my hair...but i dont know what happened suddenly, my hair started falling so badly that i had to cut it all :(

since then, iwas having a huge hair loss hair is naturally almost straight and lacks in volume!
I get too busy or you can say lazy on oiling my hair 30mins before taking shower, although this habit is very good for your hair, but here is another way by which you can reduce your hair fall..and it worked for me, you just have to follow these simple steps while washing your hair :)
Step 1
De-tangle your hair before going for your bath

Step 2
Apply shampoo only to the roots of your hair, dont go down from the mid of your neck. Plus keep in mind, massage the shampoo very gently on your roots...The ends of your hair are dry, they dont have to be washed by shampoo, it'll cause them to dry out more

Step 3
After rinsing your hair gently and thoroughly, apply your conditioner on the ends of your hair. From the mid of you neck, all the way to the ends. Let it stay for 2 or 3 mins

Step 4
After rinsing the conditioner thoroughly aswell, when you're done with your bath. gently pat your hair with your towel or very lightly rub your hair in it; if you feel like you have to..Just keep in mind to be extra gentle with your hair while its wet. Because wet hair is very prone to breakage

Step 5
Now if you're going to comb your hair, don't use a regular brush or comb...I prefer using a wide tooth comb because its a bit gentle on your hair, the regular combs would irritate your hair too much...and if you vigorously comb you hair, it will only make your hair weak and cause breakage, so be careful

Step 6
I usually like to dry my hair in naturally, thats the best way...But if you're in a hurry, try to use your blow dryer on cool settings or dont forget to use a heat protectant before blow drying with hot air

Hmm so here you go, these are some steps that helped me reduce my hair fall problem...I get very little hair loss now, for more hair protection i use coconut oil 30mins before washing my hair..It helps in making my hair grow long healthy and strong :)

Now my hair has grown all the way to my tummy, and its in a good condition!
So, what are your experiences of hair fall? And what do you do to stop it?

Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Thank you for Sharing :) this is very helpful post.

  2. hey shy cheeks...
    great tips i'll follow them.... coz i also had hair loss problem =(
    i have one more problem and its "split ends" i want to make my hair long but split ends are not allowing me =( as i have to trim my hairs every month , and my hair growth is slow as well =/

  3. Hmm soon i'll do a detailed post on it Farah :)

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