November 1, 2010


What Time is it ~

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Its time for a new post, yayy.. lol

Talking about time, our mobile phone has become a very common source for time..right?
But still, wrist watches will never go out of style ;)
Yes people, thats right...I'll be bloggin' about my wrist watch today!

I have quite a few wrist watches, some reserved for daily use and some for special occasions. So heres my watch that i use for special occasions

Isnt it cute?

I really love big accessories.. like this one! Whenever i have worn it, i get so many good comments about it :)

Well, i absolutely adore this watch...Its kind of a elastic bracelet, thats makes it easy to wear aswell...Also the design of the dial is very nice, i really love to wear such accessories
And the best thing is that its just great for special occasions :)

So this watch came in a cute blue plastic box.. Its stylish and it keeps the dirt away...As the weather here has too much dust in it, so you dont have to worry about any dust bugging your watch... hehe
u can get it from any accessories or gift shop.. They usually have these kind of delicious stuff!

Hmm, this was a small post...So what kind of wrist watches do you like to wear?

Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


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