December 21, 2010


Handbag Beauty Offer ~ Luscious Cosmetics

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Luscious Cosmetics presents the "Handbag Beauty" promotion for a Limited Time only!

Which includes a Twilight Kit + Twilight Eye Pencil + Metallic Clutch Bag for Rs.975
A complete makeup wardrobe to pop in your handbag containing everything you need to get gorgeous in minutes..This promotion is available in stores only.

I own the Metallic Clutch Bag (in pink), and the Twilight pencil..I really like the Bag, its very cute, but one thing it does miss is that it doesn't have anything to close it, like a magnetic button or even a simple one!
But it does have a zip, so you dont have to worry about your things falling out :)

The twilight pencil is also nice, its a grey color..great for a soft eyeliner look, but i think on the lower lash do have to work a bit or the color wont show up quite prominently!

 Twilight Kits costs 1495 PKR, Twilight Pencil costs 215 PKR, dont know about the clutch bag..That means the actual price of these products will be 1710 PKR (if the clutch bag is free lol)
So, you'll be saving around 735 PKR with this offer..that sound pretty nice, hmm? :)

It'll be a nice gift to please yourself, or someone special :)
So, whose up for availing this offer?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~



  2. hey shycheeks nice post but sorry i dont like their twilight kit. I love Luscious cream liner for eyez(black) but dont know abt this Eye Pencil in the package.Metallic Clutch Bag is cute.
    plz visit my blog:

  3. ahaan :)
    ..i don't own the twilight kit, so i didn't write about it here..but i like the bag and eye pencil :)

  4. I wish you could do swatches of the eyeshadows and have an actual photo of the bag! or if its on the website you should link it. Thanx

  5. Anonymous, this was just an offer by Luscious Cosmetics..i just have the Luscious Cosmetics bag and the eye pencil..dont own these eyeshadows, cant show you the swatches, sholly..and unfortunately the swatches are not on the website aswell :(


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