December 2, 2010


Luscious 12 Pcs. Deluxe Diva Brush Set ~ Review

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Hello my lovely readers..Today i bring you, Luscious 12 Pcs. Deluxe Diva Brush Set!

It comes in a black leather pouch, which i just love..and it makes the brush set look very expensive lol
...I was giving these babies a cleaning session, so i thought why not share them with you guys aswell? :)

What They Say?

A deluxe, twelve-piece brush collection for the diva who’s got to have it all. This brush set includes 12 luxury brushes for creating a professional, polished makeup application. It includes a face powder brush, a foundation brush, a lip brush, a brow brush, two different eyeliner brushes, and six eyeshadow brushes. This set comes with its own luxurious faux leather carrying case.
These high quality brushes have sleek handles and top high-quality synthetic Taklon hairs.

Luscious makeup brushes are 100% cruelty free and are made from high-quality synthetic nylon hair :)

Hmm.. How about some closer look now, plus my experience :)

This if the Face Powder Brush, its very dense and picks up the product nicely and i just love the feel it gives when it touches my skin :)

The Foundation Brush, this one is also dense and soft..but i usually dont put on foundation with this brush..but its also a good alternative

The Big Rounded Brush, i dont really use this one on my eyes..i use it for putting concealer on some precise areas and highlighting my brow bone..Because this brush is fairly large for the eye area!

Small Rounded Brush, i use this brush to pack on the color all over my gets a good grip onto the product aswell

The Smudge Brush, a sponge tip brush used to smudge the eyeliner

Blending Brush, blends out the eyeshadow nice and softly

The Eyebrow brush, its stiff and a little wider than my eyebrows..but i dont have any issue in applying my eyebrow color with it

The Flat Eyeshadow Brush, for putting up eyeshadow in a precise and straight on the lower lash line or maybe applying eyeliner, but i dont really use this at all

The Big Shader Brush, its dense and you a good application on the Outer-V area of the eyelid

Small Shader Brush, i apply my eyeshadow on the lower lash line with this guy

The Lip Brush, its angled and small..nicely made according to the shape of the lips

The Eyeliner Brush, its stiff and you a good application with your gel or cake liner

Hmmm, so overall i really like this brush set..It costs about 1950 PKR, its not very expensive as compared to the famous brands...The quality you get with these is great for the price :)
I would definitely recommend anyone to grab this brush set if they're looking for a great quality brush set but at the same time i would tell you that these brushes are not professional quality ones..but you can surely use these for personal use, good for makeup learners!

Luscious now came up with a Duo Fiber Stippling Brush which costs 900 PKR...I would definitely love to get hold on that one, i checked it at naheed supermarket..but they were out os stock :(
Plus the sales girls over there didnt even know whats a stippling brush, ugh!

You can check out the website of Luscious Cosmetics for their range of products

Do you own these brushes? if yes then share your experience aswell!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Thanks for the review. I am planning to get one for myself too :) your review just helped a lot.

  2. wow! Nice brushes! And I love the case!

    too bad there's no Luscious in America.

  3. these brushes look really nice but are they synthetic??

  4. @sara..i really love this buy, and the leather pouch is travel friendly aswell :)

    @madiha..Luscious makeup brushes are 100% cruelty free and are made from high-quality synthetic nylon hair...This statement is quoted by them :)

  5. Zainab, i think luscious deliver'll have to check their website...or else, plan a holiday in pakistan ;)

  6. hey nice blog..followin u..i did check out d site..i dont thnk dey ship to india..
    do check out my blog..:)

  7. Great Review! I was just wondering today whether I should buy it or not.

  8. Lovely!!! im in love with your blog :)


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