December 28, 2010


Sale..25% off ~ 1984 clothing for women

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Studio S the FIRST multi brand store: Fashioneesta clothing for women, Hype Clothing, Pink Studios shoes for women, Purple Patch shoes for women, Axxezz, Ferrari Official Licensed Products, Lacoste, Design Hub, Nike, 1984 clothing for women, Mahin Hussain Accessories, Daku, Lazzaro t-shirts, Raw Edges, Shahzeb Saeed pret line for men, Mexx Sports, Bico, Speedo, Diesel Shoes, Teva Footwear, Subbolo, Puma, New Balance & more.

Okay so Studio S is offering 25% off on 1984 clothing, here are some of its collection with prices!

C-10 Green Colourful Embroidery
Actual Price: Rs 2800
Discounted Price: Rs 2100

Actual Price: Rs 3500
Discounted Price: Rs 2625

L-2 Pink with Purple Neck 
Actual Price: Rs 2000
Discounted Price: Rs 1500

S-04 Green with Pink Edging 
Actual Price: Rs 2800
Discounted Price: Rs 2100

S-01 Purple Kamdani 
Actual Price: Rs 3200
Discounted Price: Rs 2400

Actual Price: Rs 3800
Discounted Price: Rs 2850

C04 Wool Embroidery Green 
Actual Price: Rs 4200
Discounted Price: Rs 3150

C08 Ribbon Work 
Actual Price: Rs 3000
Discounted Price: 2500

C19 Ferozi Frills 
Actual Price: Rs 2250
Discounted Price: 1688

Hmmm...After looking at so many glamorous clothes by threads and motif, gul ahmed, bareeze and many more..would you go for these?

Seriously speaking, im not impressed by any of these..the are really not worth their price!
But thats my opinion, what do you think?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. haha i know this is shocking lol :D

  2. I SO agree with u man. While looking at the pics I was at a loss to understand why the hell the prices are sky high and that for only a piece of shirt.

  3. exactly!
    ..i can sew way way wayyy better clothes than this lol

  4. These all are beautiful and trendy clothes as such very comfortable to wear.

  5. As we all know that fashion is going very fast in this new trendy fashionable world. Fashion starts with girls along with there trendy and fashionable clothes. As such this site is having exciting clothes.


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