December 8, 2010


Shops i Luv to Stalk ~

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Alright, this post is basically for the karachi people.. So all of you who dont live here, im sorry!

Hmm so lets talk about some shops here in karachi having lots of variety of skin, hair, and cosmetics products :)

Naheed Supermarket is the oldest place of all, its located in bahadurabad.
Product Range: You can find a HUGE range of cosmetic brands over here. Loreal, Maybelline, Karaja, Etude, Luscious, DMGM, Diana of London, Medora, OPI nail lacquers and some more. The weird thing is that i couldnt find Revlon's counter there because i've heard its there somewhere. But i guess thats wrong
For haircare to skincare, you can find loads of brands like Neutrogena, St.ives, Clean & Clear, Wella, Herbal Essences, Dove, Ponds - probably all the famous brands in Pakistan.

Price Range: The price range is quite reasonable. I have not been to EBCO of Agha's supermarket because that area is far from my place. But i've heard the price range of Naheed Supermarket is quite reasonable than those shops. So, im happy in shopping over here!

The sad part for me is that this place is still a bit far from my home. Thats why i just visit it once in a blue moon :(

Shazz Supermarket is not an old shop, its located near the national stadium.

Product Range: In Cosmetic section, They have Etude, but lots of other brands in bits and pieces aswell. They dont put up the whole range of a brand's products except for Etude, Cristine. and atiqa odho cosmetics. So u will be able to find Avon, Revlon, Maybellilne, Kryolan, Loreal, but a limited stock of it and a limited product range of these brands. So, thats a bit disappointment.
In Skincare and Haircare section, They have quite a nice variety of brands like Naheed Supermarket does..But u wont be able to find your desired product sometimes!

Price Range: The price range here is quite similar to Naheed Supermarket. There are some ups and downs aswell.

The good thing for me is that this place is near my place, i can go there anytime i want :)

Needz Supermarket has just opened near the national stadium.

Product Range: Cosmetics Section over here is quite small like shazz. They just got a Rimmel counter when i last visited. So thats a good step. Other than Rimmel, you can find Maybelline mousse foundations and blushes over here. And revlon colorstay overtime lipcolors. Apart from these Atiqa Odho makeup, Becute makeup is also there..and some more locals aswell.
For haircare and skincare section, these people also have quite a good variety of products. Again similar to shazz and Naheed supermarket. The good thing is that as this store has just opened, they are organizing their shelves according to the demand of the customers..So if you dont find any brand of your choice, just tell them!

Price Range: They have been advertising as a store offering discounted prices. I must say they have been keeping this promise to some extend

This place is also near my home, so i can go and stalk it whenever i want lol ;)
But i wished this store was big like shazz and naheed supermarkets. because whhen you walk inside you can feel you need a bit more space to walk around comfortably..

Imtiaz Supermarket located at Bahadurabad, and also at awami markaz (shahrah-e-faisal)
Product Range: i usually go to the tariq road one, for monthly groceries. They dont have a cosmetics section in the tariq road branch. But i've heard they have it in the awami markaz branch.
You can find a good variety of skin and haircare brands over here aswell.

Price Range: prices as reasonable here. i guess a can compare the prices to the needz supermarket, or maybe tiny bit less than that!

Makro has three branches, on stargate, near airport, and i guess theres one near the sea ports!

Product Range: you can find loads of cosmetic products on the ground floor.
For hair and skincare, u'll have to go upto the grocery section.

Price Range: I come here for monthly grocery shoppings aswell, the price range is a little bit high  from imtiaz supermarket. But the good thing about makro is that its very huge and you'll be very comfortable walking around.

Okay... so basically, these were some places where i usually stop by for cosmetics, skin and haircare shopping. I hope u find this post helpful. Where do you guys often go for shopping and where do you get good variety and price range of products? Do let me know, so i can enlarge my stalking list hehe ;)

Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. This was a nice review about the shops and a nice help to those girls who doesn't about the shops nearest to their house. Ebco and Agha's is also a nice place for cosmetics. Mac lovers, Ebco is the place where you can get MAC :)

  2. Lovely post. Great info :) well Agha's and Naheed have the same pricing as far as I have noticed because the distributors are the same and they set the prices for the products. Maybe you might find a difference of 5-10 PKR in pricing, nothing big! ^ ^

  3. Hi,
    Lovely blog dear!!!
    Great post...thanks for the links.
    I'm following you...check out my blog and if you like it you can simply follow:))

  4. this post is very helpful and quite detailed.

  5. ThankYou Girls, im glad you found this helpful :)

  6. Great post! I would really love to visit Karachi sometime (Pakistan is very close to where I live) and if I do, I'll definitely visit these shops! ^_^ Will get in touch with you if I need locations! ;)

    By the way, I'm following you! :) Please read my blog and follow me too! ^_^

  7. aww heheh sure Rizzie, it'll be fun ;) following you back, nice blog :)

  8. I Love to shop for beauty products at Imtiaz in awami markaz. its really cool there. Dont prefer the tariq road one.. its too crowdy. Normally for house groceries i go to Tee-emm mart in phase 8 or Agahas or Ebco. All are great. Tee-Emm mart is about to start a cosmetics section soon.

  9. ahaan, yes the new Imtiaz is quite glad they made it a better place to shop :)


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