December 24, 2010


Silver Cloudy ~ by Sweet Touch

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Yes, today i bring you my first Nail of the Day Post :)
Hmm so heres what i used on my Nails..

Yes people, its Sweet Touch Nail Polish..The color range of Sweet Touch really caught my eyes..It was hard for me to choose only one from all the colors lol

 I love painting my nails with light colors, so i went for this silverish purple..its a pearly silver color, but has a hint of purple in it..which looks gorgeous on nails :)

Well, this really didn't disappoint costs only 70 PKR for this 12ml bottle...This nail polish applied really smoothly..The color is really light, so you have to work up 3 coats for an opaque color!

Hmm so overall, i love this color..and i also really liked the range of colors Sweet Touch is offering...Yes people, i like = i recommend ;)

Have you ever tried this nail polish?
If yes, then do share your experience with me :)
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Im a fan of sweet touch nail polish! I own silver sand, rich plum, peanut and autumn haze!

  2. oh wow, i'll surely check out your colors too :) also glad i bought sweet touch nail polish, now im a fan aswell ;)

  3. wow, I just love the color :) looks very pretty on you ^ ^

  4. ThankYou Sara, im just loving this color :)

  5. I am fan of this has a vast color range....


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