January 15, 2011


DMGM Shimmer & Shine Loose Powder ~ Review

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Finally, today im going to review DMGM Shimmer & Shine Loose Powder ;)

What they Say?

For a fresh glowing look that last throughout the day!
Available in Silver, Gold, Pearl, and Pink Shades

An ultra-sheer fine loose powder to set your make up for the day with a purely professional touch. It comes enriched with Vitamin C as an antioxidant for extra benefits to your skin. A full 100% oil free powder that controls shine while maintaining skin moisture.Shimmer & Shine loose powder will illuminate skin with a touch of fine translucent shimmering loose powder...

My Experience

Okay first of all, it says its 'An ultra-sheer fine loose powder to set your make up for the day with a purely professional touch'
lol shimmer powders are not supposed to be put all over your face, i just take a face powder brush and dust it on my cheekbones..then dust the rest of the powder left on my brush on my forehead and on the center of my nose..this way not too much product is applied on my forehead and nose..and it gives a nice sheen to my skin!
a little dusting of this powder on your collar bone will also look attractive

The packaging is simply elegant..the DMGM touch of luxury is there!

Hmm so as you can see, the powder has very fine shimmer in it..its a very decent shimmer i would say!
im a person who doesnt like too much shimmer on myself, and this powder is perfect for me :)

the pink color is very sheer, as its a translucent powder..the color doesnt appear much on the skin, but you still have to choose the shade that matches your skin tone!
My skin has pinkish undertones, so this powder looks pretty natural on me..pick the one that suits you :)

I hope you can see the shimmer after blending the product on skin..
its not very shimmery, in just a little amount, it creates a perfect glow to give an illuminating effect to your skin!

Overall, im in love with this product, its one glamorous product that is perfect for giving you a hint of glam :)
The powder doesn't fall out when the lid is closed, it had a plastic film to keep the powder inside the bottle..and i unfortunately lost it..so don't shake it hard or put it upside down while it is closed if you don't have that plastic film, because the powder comes out from the holes and when you open the lid, it'll create a mess!

Lastly, the price!!
My friend bought this from Forum.. for i think 1200 or 1400 PKR
At Naheed, its available for 1050 PRK
But Chase up, right beside Naheed Supermarket sells this for 795 PKR..can you belive the price variation?!

So, have you tried out this product?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. mmm That looks great Havent tried it bt ll want to try soon Thanks for the review :)

  2. mmm Havent tried it Bt as u described it It really looks good for a minimal application will want to try it Thanks for the review :)

  3. Finally!!!! :D I was so waiting for this review :) great review Shycheeks and I am gonna give it a try now :)

    I know, Forum sells things very expensive. I got a face wash from Agha's for 699 Rs and Ebco Forum was selling it for 750 Rs. can you believe that ??? :O

    This shimmer powder is available at Agha's for the same price as Naheed's

  4. ThankYou Girls :D
    ..haha yea Sara, i was also waiting for writing this review, but it was the end of my semester..busy busy days!
    hope you guys like your purchase aswell :D

  5. I love the look of it :D It's so pretty. Nice review. I'm gonna check this product out :)

  6. this looks amazing.....I love the packaging....makes me wanna have it

  7. You rock,but please can you show how to apply this powder on video,Please,

  8. you rock,but can you please show how to use shimmer powder on video,thanks.

  9. Great review.Thanks for sharing


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