January 31, 2011


How to stop Nail polish chipping off

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Hey there my Sweet Readers!

Today's Question was to recommend a good base coat to protect nails, my follower Sidrah.N did try a few but they ended up chipping the nail polish in a day..Her nail polish never lasted long...She has used Sweet Touch and Medora.
And she would like to know if there is a top coat that can help keep nail polishes lasting longer? 

What i Do for nails; i really don't use any base coat because i don't apply dark nail polishes, dark nail polishes are more likely to stain your nails..so what i do is just buffer my nails before applying nail color. and make sure i don't put on heavy coats of nail polish..if i apply heavy coats it surely chips off the next day :( 

What do you use to make your nail polish last longer? Share your experience, we would love to hear it..and it surely would be helpful to us all!

If you want to ask any question, feel free to ask ShyCheeeks..hope i'll be of some help!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. thank you so much for sharing! i did try putting on a thin coat so that helped a bit!


  2. Thanks for sharing!! great post:)

  3. My nails are already chipped off .. so don't know abt it :(

  4. Nail polishes chip off due to several reasons. if your nails are very flexible and you do things in which your nails bend, then nail polish will break and then chip off. If you apply a thick coat, your nail polish chips off. If you keep your hands in water for long, nails become soft and the bonding between the nail and the polish loosens resulting in chipping. There are certain colors in certain brands which chip off, others don't, I have had a bad experience with white colors.

    Cure: If your nails are soft, use nail hardener before every application. Always use a nail polish which is thin but very opaque so you do not have to apply a second coat. A top coat is not always necessary. If your nail polish is fast drying(e.g; Maybelline Colorama), it may not chip off. I will not recommend Etude and Becute, both are bad in this regard specially becute's glitter nail polish.
    Try Sally Hansen's products. Always buy quality products because you want good result after all. So, spending a little fortune for the sake of quality is not that bad after all.
    Hope it helped.

  5. ThankYou so much Alexus, your information is very helpful for all of us =)
    ..you guys can check out her Facebook Fan Page on the link below for some cool nail arts and tips!

  6. Sidrah.N, i hope you got your answer now :)


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