February 12, 2011


Fair or Unfair??

What would you do if someone comes and take/steal something precious from you?
Frankly speaking, i know it will make me feel hurt and sad :(

Before saying anything else, i want you to check out these links below:

What made me start beauty blogging?
Whenever i wanted to buy something from the market, i wanted to gain some reviews on it by someone who have actually used it..and i had such a hard time to find any reviews on items from Pakistan..So i took a step and started Blogging about reviews and updates, what i always looked for on the internet so i can be of help for others...My inspiration were Sara Hassan and Sarah Glossicious, they were the only Beauty Bloggers of Pakistan i remember checking out :)

Beauty Blogging for me is not about being popular or to get free products, its my passion for everything related to Fashion and Beauty..and i share with you all of it here!

We Bloggers plan each and every blog post for you guys, working hard on it to make it interesting and useful..its not a piece of cake, and someone else comes and copy our work is surely disappointing and hurts :(
Every Blogger in this Blogging Family has their own style, thier own way to interact woth you..All your Fingers are not same, likewise, everyone is different..you have to be yourself to build up your personality, not to copy others..and in my perspective, being yourself will always make you gain more respect and self-satisfaction :)

My Father always tells us to think of the bigger picture, to always judge every situation on yourself first..what if it had happened to you? How would you have reacted then?
This way you will easily know whats right and wrong!

The Basic rule on just about everything is to be Original..It makes you stand out from others and will give you personal satisfaction...I know this wasn't a regular post, it might be boring for you but i thought of sharing my thoughts on what my friends discussed..and i wish it would not happen again!

Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Great post Shycheeks, thanks for showing your support in this :) I am really glad. and I agree with your dad.

    you're right, everyone is different. we all have different styles and tastes. I hope people can understand that and benefit from us(bloggers) all :)

    you're doing a great job girl. :D


  2. So true, may Allah bless you. Just love your blogs n hardwork on it. Tc


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