February 2, 2011


Sigma Make Me Up ~ Gift Idea

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Its February, and we all know everyones waiting for 14th ;)
Hmm so heres a great gift idea for all girls out there, Sigma Make Me Up Collection!

Introducing the new Sigma Beauty 'Make Me Up' collection! Our best selling professional 12 brush kit now comes in beautiful colors and inside a durable and multifunctional container! Besides protecting your brushes, this exclusive container transforms into 2 stylish brush holders!

The best part is that it comes in four color variations :)
Make Me Classy ~ Black
Make Me Crazy ~ Purple
Make Me Blush ~ Coral
Make Me Cool ~ Aqua

For more information, check out Sigma Beauty Website
This kit contains all the Essential Makeup Brushes you would need for any makeover!

So, whos up for trying out Sigma Brushes?

Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

 ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. those collection were great.i think now.i can use your gift idea to Send gifts to Pakistan to my sister.

  2. Amazing make up gifts ,
    send make up to your friends , she will really happy with such gifts:)

  3. Amazing Make up gifts ,send these gifts to your friends ,
    they will really happy :)


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