March 12, 2011


Claire's Lipgloss ~ Swatch and Review

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Hey there my Sweet Readers, hope you're doing well :)
Im here with yet another Review, this time it is..

My Claire's Lipgloss!

This Lipgloss has no color name just has Claire's name written on it!
The color is a pretty nude golden..has alot of shimmer in it, yes, alot

The size of this gloss is small, comes with a typical applicator
i dont have any problem applying it on my lips!

i hope you can get an idea that the gloss is full of golden shimmer!
It smells sweet, umm dont know how to describe it :P
When applied, it gives adds a great shine to my lips..its a little sheer, and non-sticky

The best part is its long-wearing..i applied it to my lips, and it was still there after 2 to 3 hours!
Lipglosses tend to fade quickly, but this one held on pretty nicely..after 3 to 4 hours it faded but the shimmer was still there and my lips were still shining!

Overall, i like this a very pretty color, and stays on quite nicely
But i bought it from a Claire's shop..which means, its not available in Pakistan :(

So, what are your favorites in lipglosses?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Really the colour is so pretty =)

  2. Color is amazing ... It reminds me of the champale collection

  3. its a very pretty color :) great review.

  4. Pretty color. Where did you bought it from? And, we had Claire's in Karachi

  5. oh where do we have Claire's here?
    ..i bought it from Saudi Arabia!

  6. Yeah where is Claire in Pak?

  7. cute color! my sister got a palette from claire's but unfortunately they were not good at all :(

  8. @[Hazel] ..0aww thats bad :(

    @K.A ..Claire's Shop was at the Forum Karachi, but maybe its closed now!

  9. my friend has one just like this but with very little glitter. she said she had an amazing lip gloss and she wanted me to try it. so i closed my eyes and she applied it to my lips without indicating what lipgloss she was applying. very so, it had a nice sweet scent and taste and was not stick at all. THATS THE BEST PARRTT!!! It wasnt sticky. i have been looking for this for soo manny years. and for this pricew? i will surely stock up


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