March 18, 2011


Giveaway Update ~ IMPORTANT!

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Heres an Important Update to all of you Taking Part in my Sigma or Sedona Lace Giveaway!

I have Moved my Facebook FanPage to a NEW link:

Please Double Check that you 'LIKE' it, or i will have to disqualify your entry..which is a part of the Giveaway rule..and disqualifying will make me sad too :(

Its hard for me to email each and everyone of you separately, but i've been doing it ever since i moved my Previous Facebook page to a new sorry if i didn't email any of you, thats why im posting an update here aswell..Please do co-operate with me!

I will delete my Previous Facebook Page soon..Please 'like'' my New Facebook Page now for staying updated with ShyCheeeks...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


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