March 20, 2011


New White Perfect - Transparent Rosy Whitening ~ Press Release

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L’Oréal Paris introduces their latest Skin Care innovation
New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening

If you like gemstones… now you will love what they will do to your skin!!

“The New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening cream is the perfect addition to the pampering skin care range by L’Oréal Paris – it is rather glamorously enriched with powdered tourmaline, which in addition to many other qualities, also helps in blood stimulation which is what makes it extra attractive for me, because I have always believed that beautiful skin is an incredible asset and also the best makeup :)”
– Meesha Shafi, L’Oréal Pakistan Spokesperson

(Karachi, 15 March 2011) L’Oréal Paris, the world’s largest beauty brand, extends its technical expertise within their acclaimed Skin Care portfolio by introducing the New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening Fairness Control Moisturizing Cream for both day and night. Indeed, this launch heralds another innovation within their revolutionary Skin Care research and development endeavours specially designed for Asian skin tones.

Within the South Asian region, having glowing rosy skin exemplifies good health, beauty and confidence. Excessive exposure to sunlight particularly UVA and UVB rays, and pollution can cause a variety of adverse reactions such as over-stimulating of the skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, slowing down the repair of skin cells and preventing the proper exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. To this end and for the first time in their history, L’Oréal’s skincare laboratories have created a formula enriched with Pink Tourmaline, a semi-precious stone, known to have electro-magnetic properties to stimulate skin microcirculation under the sun thus decreasing a yellowish complexion with a rosy radiant glow, the New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening Fairness Control Moisturizing Cream.

Introduced in Pakistan and simultaneously being launched in other countries, the cream’s Tourmaline gemstone powder builds radiance with a healthy rosy glow. Tourmaline itself is renowned for its pyro and piezoelectric properties, that help in blood stimulation and has unique healing abilities such as the ability to calm nerves, regulate hormones, fight against genetic disorders and induce a tranquil sleep. The day cream specifically also contains advanced melanin block that inhibits melanin formation to fight against skin darkening and SPF15 to fight against UV rays with its patented Mexoryl SX UV filter system that causes darkening of skin. The night cream acts during the night for radiant rosy skin in the morning, while the Vitamin E in the cream acts to lighten skin during the night. With its comforting and velvety texture, the cream is quickly absorbed revealing an even and transparent complexion.

Speaking about the launch of New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening Moisturising Cream, brand manager for L’Oréal Paris in Pakistan Zainab Pasha has said, “Pakistani women now want now more than just a generic fairness/whitening cream - they now want to top up that and desire for a natural rosy glow - this innovation really makes it possible using the earthly qualities of gemstones to build pinkish radiance to our skin.”

L’Oréal Paris New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening Moisturising Cream is appropriate and advisable for women of all ages and is ideally used daily on a cleansed face. Priced at PKR 1050 and PKR 1050 respectively, the New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening Moisturising Day [SPF15] and Night Cream is now available at all L’Oréal Paris counters across the country. For more information about the L’Oréal Paris in Pakistan, visit our official facebook fanpage:

“My day starts with The New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening cream - especially with the heat having already set in here in Karachi, its SPF15 properties protect my skin from the UV rays while also working as a Rosy Whitening agent :)” – Anoushey Ashraf, L’Oréal Pakistan Spokesperson

Press Release


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  1. Cool. Read about it on Rabeeyahs blog too. I will definately try it out as soon as i find it. Not a big fan or loreal but yeah i will give it a try :). nice post.. keep it up

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  5. I liked the creams :) you should give them a try some time :) esp the night one

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  7. where can i find your loreal product in peshawar?


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