April 9, 2011


Giveaway Update ~ And Special Announcement

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Hey Guys, I know its been a long time since my last post..im really busy these days, and recently i had no internet for more than a week..ugh :(

Im here to tell you that my Sigma Makeup and SedonaLace Giveaways have been CLOSED!
I wont, be accepting anymore entries!

I would like to Thank All of You who Participated, i had such a nice response..It'll take atleast a few days for me to evaluate all the entries..Dont worry, i'll be announcing the winners soon :)

Okay, heres the Special News for All of You!

Sigma Makeup has been so kind to me, they Have given me a chance to Start Another Giveaway yayy :D

This Time i'll be Giving away a Sigma Makeup Travel Brush Kit!!
With some MAC goodies ;)

hehe i know, im so excited for this Giveaway :D
I got some messages from people who didn't have any Facebook account so they couldn't enter my previous giveaways :(

Im so Sorry you guys!
Now my Giveaway will be for Everyone who is a Follower of ShyCheeeks Blog and no other compulsory rules :D

I wanted Your Help to make ShyCheeeks Blog Reach 400 Followers before the next Giveaway!
But i realized now, i will not be able to host a giveaway from mid of may till September..Some personal reasons!
So, Start Spreading the News, Suggest and Retweet all your family and Friends to become a Follower of This Blog..The Giveaway will be announced soon :)

Hope this News made you excited!!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. WOw! Can't wait :D Sigma people are really generous with you ;)

  2. Sigma is a really great company. And thanks for the giveaways, you are too cute.

  3. oooohhh im waiting........... plzz announce soon :)

  4. yes it is rabeeyah they seems so nice to her.... good luck dear:)

  5. Awesome giveaway...again! Never tried the Sigma brushes...but would love to!

  6. Yayy another giveaway :D Waiting!

  7. very cool! keep us posted on that ;)


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