May 22, 2011


Clarins Mosaique Summer Make-up Collection 2011 ~ Press Release

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Beauty, serenity, sensuality…

Mosaic, a timeless decorative motif, has crossed the ages to reach us in all its beautiful splendour. As an ornament of Roman baths, frescoes in the elegant homes of ancient Pompeii or the sumptuous decoration of Byzantine basilicas… the mosaic has been a major, refi ned art in all Western
This summer, Clarins has taken its inspiration from the rich forms and colours in the mosaic universe to offer a vibrant make-up collection full of sun and vitality. For lips, a fresco of bright, sparkling colours which contrast and correspond: pink, coral, fuchsia, ice brown… The complexion, naturally enhanced with warm, luminous shades, highlights eyes simply emphasized with an electric hue.

Summer Bronzing Compact SPF 10

The must-have for a complexion bathed in sunshine!
In creating the Mosaïque collection, Clarins honors this timeless decorative art where forms and colours express warmth and refi nement. The must-have of the season is Mosaïque Summer Bronzing Compact, a striking, elegant caramel-coloured case containing a powder with a sumptuous mosaic motif which refl ects the richness of this ancestral art.
A beautiful healthy glow
The ultra-fi ne, featherlight powder literally melts into skin, acting like a concentrate of the sun to enhance and warm the complexion. Mainly composed of raw materials of natural origin, it ensures a perfectly matte, long-lasting make-up result. Its mineral pigments perfectly combine to deliver an incredibly natural, perfectly even tanned look.
The magic of the Soft Focus complex
Present in the formula, it optically minimizes wrinkles and fi ne lines. Skin texture is smoothed and complexion beauty is enhanced.
A texture for all
The powder is suitable for all skin types, even the driest skin, thanks to the presence of an emollient oil and vitamin E. Natural SPF 10 sun protection, provided by mineral fi lters, protects skin from UVB rays.
A delicious fragrance
On application, vibrant notes of Sunshine Fragrance will take you away to sunnier times!

Contents: 20 g / 0.7 oz.

Colour Quench Lip Balm
Long-Lasting Moisture & Shine

The success story continues…
Colour Quench Lip Balm takes the stage again to excite the senses with a formula enriched with skin care ingredients of natural, plant origin.
The coloured shine of a gloss
To enhance beautiful lips, a non-sticky, fine and melting formula containing a 100% natural, new generation polymer. On the lips it creates an irresistible smoothing glaze which catches and magnifies the light.
The hydrating and repairing power of a balm
It off ers reinforced skin care eff ectiveness, since lips are extremely fragile and quickly dry out. The skin is fi ve times fi ner on lips compared to the face. It has few sebaceous glands and no hydrolipidic fi lm. This is why Clarins has boosted the new formula of Colour Quench Lip Balm with skin care ingredients, to ensure nourished, soothed, protected and intensively hydrated lips. Acting like a repairing concentrate, the comforting formula soothes lips, even those that are damaged or weakened.
Fresh, sparkling, fruity shades
Strawberry sorbet, peach nectar, candy pink… 8 delicious shades to consume without moderation, for perfectly coloured lips with a transparent shine.
Delightful tubes!
This balm with its delicious fragrance of red fruits, comes in a little crystal tube just like a stick of candy. It’s impossible to resist!

8 shades ~ 01 • pink marshmallow ~ 02 • peach nectar ~ 03 • candy pink ~ 04 • raspberry smoothie ~ 05 • delicious plum ~ 06 • sweet papaya ~ 07 • strawberry sorbet ~ 08 • sweet fi g
Contents: 15 ml / 0.5 oz.

Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

An innovation from Clarins Laboratories, off ering a multitude of benefits:
- The shape and smoothness of a lipstick.
- The transparency of a gloss.
- The subtle colouring of a sheer lipstick.
- The comfort of a balm.
An astonishing crystal appearance
It’s as irresistible as candy, with an amazing transparent quality.
Lips are instantly smoothed
- The balm is based on gelled oils which give transparency, smoothness and prevent dehydration of lips.
- With all the benefi ts of Instant Smooth, on application it perfectly smoothes and perfects the lips.
Plant colours
These delicately colour the lips while providing skin care benefi ts day after day. Paprika extract combines its orange shade with antioxidant virtues in crystal coral. Shikonin, extracted from the roots of a Chinese plant, gives a red colour along with repairing and soothing benefi ts in crystal red.
An irresistible fragrance
Deliciously subtle, with vanilla-flavoured red fruits and a hint of liquorice.

3 shades ~ 01 • crystal coral, a sparkling orange for fresh, fruity lips ~ 02 • crystal, a delicate pink for a natural shine result ~ 03 • crystal red, a true red for a “bitten lips” effect
Contents: 3.5 g / 0.12 oz.

Wonder Waterproof Mascara

Ultra-resistant, ultra-volumizing, it perfectly lengthens lashes and ensures intensely
coloured, protective make-up. Lashes are fl awlessly coated, curled and beautiful, and
protected from water, smudging and tears.

01 • wonder black, an intense black
Contents: 7 ml / 0.22 oz.

Waterproof Eye Pencil

A true waterproof pencil. Its soft , supple texture can be applied as eyeliner or eye shadow,
and blended with the foam tip to create beautiful shaded eff ects.
04 • turquoise, a slightly iridescent summery shade for bewitching eyes

Contents: 1.2 g / 0.04 oz.

Fix’ Make-Up
Refreshing Mist

Do you dream of make-up that stays put all day long ? Now you can apply make-up,
spritz and it’s fi xed! Fix’ Make-Up prevents make-up from running, revives colour and
matifi es the complexion for hours. Its refreshing texture gives an instant feeling of
well-being. Thanks to an anti-dehydrating agent, it leaves skin soft and supple.

Contents : 30 ml / 1 fl . oz.

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