July 19, 2011


Garnier Light Fairness + Anti spots Cream SPF 15 ~ Review & 28 days challenge!

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Hello to all the sweet people who read my blog  :)
Today im going to be talking about Garnier Light Fairness + Anti spots Cream with SPF 15

What they Say?

Look out for the RIGHT cream this summer with leading skin and hair care brand Garnier launching their Skin Naturals Light SPF 15 Cream - a fairness cream enriched with natural ingredients like Lemon and built in SPF 15 which protects skin from darkening in the sun and reduces dark spots - With the brands measure and see commitment, expect to experience skin two tones fairer in just 28 days - Measure and see for yourself!

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Daily Moisturiser Fairness Cream SPF 15 has a multi-targeted action to protects a fair and radiant look: it smoothes, lightens the skin, protects from UVA & UVB rays, and helps prevent appearance of dark spots.Pure lemon essence and Vitamin C to clarify and smoothen skin.
Long dan extract to help slow down skin darkening.
Glycerin to moisturize and comfort the skn.
Your skin looks naturally lighter and more even. It feels smooth and illuminates with a healthy glow.

Hmm Tempting, isn't it?

The first impression i got with this cream was pretty good, the packaging and all the information will actually tempt you to buy this..But throught ShyCheeeks experience, i have only one thing to say: Don't Believe the Hype!

Yes, you heard it right..and now let me tell you why..

It all began when i got this product to try out the 28 days challenge for making you fair and spot-less!
I seriously don't believe the 'making you fair in whatever days' concept, those are all tactics of advertising..believe me, im related with this field..but i know alot of people do fall for that..and since this cream had the SPF factor, it actually sounded it will prevent me from the harsh UV rays of sun and even out the skin tone too.. 

hmm so, the funny part was that my skin tone is quite lighter than the the given measuring scale of skin tones..so, ShyCheeeks decided to test this cream on a person who has darker skin tone to see the results for the fairness part!

This did nothing for the fairness part, and in summers ALOT of us have oily skin..i get reallyy oily skin in summers, and in winter my skin gets really dry..The interesting thing was that this cream is for summer, and i experienced BAD breakouts with it :(

and this is not all..as far as the SPF is concerned, this doesn't do anything to protect you from the harsh sun rays..i experienced tanning when using this and going out in the sun!
I first thought that glycerin would have been the culprit of tanning..but then i read somewhere that putting lemon on your skin and going out can result in a skin tan..Can you believe it?

Lastly, the texture of this cream is not too thick or anything..but it felt heavy on the skin

Overall, for ShyCheeeks..this cream failed miserably!
Well, this is actually my experience..it might be different for you..but i think Garnier has some grudge with ShyCheeeks, non of their products work for me lol

ShyCheeeks no likey!

Did you try the Garnier 28 days test? Share your experience!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

(Disclaimer: This Product was sent to me by PR..This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Ah~this product didn't work out for you aye? I was about to buy this product since my olay cream failed on me =.= I ended up buying Bio Essence Tanaka White and it works for me~ Nice review ^^

  2. I brought this cream in the smaller sized tube and yes, it did break me out too, I have combination skin.
    I tried using it as night cream but it didn't really work that way either!

  3. sad to hear to hear that it didn't work for you. I actually like this cream but don't really believe in the being fairer stuff. Great review! :)

  4. great review shy... i am using this cream as well and after 28 days time period i will share my review...

  5. garnier products just dont work on my skin:(

  6. Thanks for the review, saved me from buying it.
    Following you..:)

  7. I have the other version of this Garnier Cream. And since I knew it had lemon in it; I never trusted the spf part it said and didn't go out with it. I used it as a night cream. And I have oily skin, too. This(or the other one) made me breakout after continuous use for 2 weeks. :/

  8. Yeah this cream gave me bad breakout too ! It does feel heavy on skin.Not Recommended.

  9. i m using this cream before a month ago no change on my dark spot on the other hand this is costly and no better results :-(


  11. same happened with me.. i wish i had read this review before.. i got severe breakouts just after 10days of using it.. n still i m facing breakout problem.. i hate this product.

  12. I used this product to help get rid of acne scars, 7 weeks in and really like the product. Agree that it does nothing to make your skin 'fairer', but do feel that it has helped with lightening my scaring. Has a good texture and white tint to the cream which reduces the appearence of dark spots when applied to the skin. Never had any problems with breaking out, even though I have acne prone skin; will coninue to use this as my moisturiser :)

  13. I want to use this cream btw i am worried that if it dosent worked for me then

    1. Saberwal, it didn't work for me at all..you should check something else instead! :)

  14. i bought this product today and it really does'nt worked for me...it gave me more tanned skin,it is very costly and on the other hand fair and lovely for men is far way better....

    1. oh thats bad, hope you're skin gets better :)

  15. i tried it but it brought pimples ovr my face

  16. it dos,nt wrk i my face got pimples ftr using it

  17. me garnier light use kr rhi hu when i was 17 even when i didnt knw the facts of this cream. but mere skin dheere dheere beautiful nd younger hoti chali gyi nw i m a very fairy girl without darkspots. nd now i m 21 still using this cream nd i trusting this cream vry much.

  18. very very bad experienced ,.....i can say about the garnier light daily cream is not working at all.i think i waste my money.

  19. this cream work 4 me.

  20. welll it has one much effective work..it lightened my acne scars..and made my skin even toned...and also very soft....also my pores got tightened with it..i will keep using it...


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