August 14, 2011


Guest Blogging, Anyone? :)

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Hey there Lovely People!
Yes, you read the post here to ask if any one of you is interested in guest blogging on my blog? :)

For those who don't know what guest blogging is; its just preparing a fashion, beauty, & makeup related blog post (like i do on my blog) and email me your post so i can publish it on my blog!

Whats the use of guest blogging? Sharing your Experience/Passion/Thoughts on Fashion. Beauty, & Makeup with the World!
If you're starting with a blog, or even if you have a blog..i can Shout Out for your blog at the end of your guest blog post :)

Anyone interested in Guest Blogging on ShyCheeeks blog, email me your Final Blog Post or Questions at

Make sure;
  • you provide pictures and content of your own, Do Not copy from others
  • watermark your pictures with your name, if you don't know how can ask me to do that
  • if you are a blogger, don't provide content that has already been published on your Blog 
  • provide me with your blog link so i can Shout Out for you in the Guest Blog
  • do try to take clear and non-blur pictures, ideally taken at daylight

What type of content can be published for Guest Blogging?
  • Review on a Product, Shop, Fashion Trend
  • Any useful Tip/Beauty Advise you would like to Share
  • Swatches of different Products
  • An EOTD (eye of the day) Post, you can share the final look or in a step by step tutorial form..Do mention the Products used so we may all know
  • or Any kind of post you would like, but make sure it is related to Fashion, Beauty, & Makeup :)

Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

 ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. I will surely give it a go as soon as I get some time. :) Thanks for letting me know abou' it.

  2. hey im new to blogging.can i share some my posts with you?

  3. Hmm why not? :) me your final post on
    Be sure its a new post and has not been published on your blog :)


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