August 23, 2011


[Guest Post] How to Find the Best Lipsticks

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Want a seductive pout but don’t know how to find the best lipsticks for you?
It’s easier than you think, as long as you know what to look for!
Follow these simple tips, and before you know it you will be ready to show off those lickable lips

The Best Lipsticks Leave You Smiling

First, it is important to use lipstick that is made with quality ingredients. It shouldn’t be dehydrating. Good lipstick will keep your lips moist, and often will contain SPF protection. Also, you will want to make sure your lipstick doesn’t smudge. MAC Slimshine and Smashbox Photofinish are both excellent for this. We also recommend anything from Lancome L’Absolu Lipstick, which is rich and has SPF 15 protection. They go on light while keeping your lips hydrated, and the color lasts for hours.

The Best Lipsticks are Stunning Colors that Turn Heads

Next it is time to pick your color. Are you in the mood to be a vampy vixen with a blood red grin? Or are you more of a pretty in pink type of girl? Perhaps you want a more subtle, earthy look with a natural soft brown hue. For a serious crimson we recommend Lancome’s Bordeaux or their Boiling Point. For a flirtier cherry red, Alluring by Smashbox Photofinish is undoubtedly the best. If you are looking for a more princess pink try MAC Slimshine Missy or for a paler more natural pink MAC Slimshine Gentle Shimmer. If you are desiring a warmer red or brown the best lipstick for you is probably Smashbox Photofinish Extravagant.

The Best Lipsticks Make You Pucker Up!

Now you are ready to begin. Before you apply your saucy new color, make a thin outline just beyond the natural outline of your lips with a pencil slightly lighter in color than your lipstick. This will help shape your lips and will make them appear naturally fuller. Choose a lip liner that is soft and goes on easily. For this we recommend any color of Lancome Le Crayon Lip Contour.
Next apply your lipstick. Make two small dots on your upper lip and three on your bottom lip, then dab with your finger to distribute the color evenly. It shouldn’t take more than this, and if you’ve done it correctly you shouldn’t have to use tissue to wipe away any excess.
Last, use a touch of gloss to add some shine. Without doubt my favorite gloss to use is Fusion Beauty’s Color Lip Fusion Lip Gloss. Just two small dabs on your upper lip and one medium dollop on your bottom lip of Fusion Beauty’s Goddess or Fresh is all it takes. This will provide long lasting shine, and Fusion Beauty’s Color Lip Fusion has lip plumping collagen to give you voluptuous lips.

Once you find the best lipsticks for you, you’ll be fending off flowers and love letters from guys desperate for your attention.

Today's Sweet Guest Blogger is Kayla Block, the owner of Makeup Deals of the Day, which sells top brands of makeup at deep discount prices. She loves to write about makeup, fashion, and glitz and glam!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading, don't forget to check Kayla Black's website!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

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