September 28, 2011


Best Tool to Apply Liquid Foundation?

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Hmm Liquid foundations are widely used, but how to actually apply it and get best results out of it?
Using your fingers? makeup sponges? Brushes? What to choose from?!

Keep on reading, we'll discuss all the application methods!

Applying Liquid Foundation with your fingers!

Clean fingers to be precise!
I think this is the easiest way to apply foundation, and its actually pretty fast too..but does it cover your face nicely?

I personally don't like applying foundation with my fingers, untill and unless im in a hurry!
Just because i think the application is not even on your entire face..but then, thats my personal opinion, alot of people love the foundation application with fingers

Applying Liquid Foundation with Makeup Sponge!

Makeup Sponges are widely used, it is an inexpensive alterative to makeup brushes..only if you use it wisely!

The best way to apply foundation with a makeup sponge is to Dampen it first..otherwise your foundation may cake up on your face!
Damp Sponge gives a beautiful application, not too heavy but you can build up the coverage

Applying Liquid Foundation with Makeup Brushes!

Using Makeup Brushes is i think the most stylish way to apply foundation, but alot of times the question arises which brush should you get..There are so many options, from stippling brush to the flat top ones like Sigma F80, and to the normal fluffy face brushes

Makeup brushes give you a nice even application, which can be built-up from medium to a fuller coverage
If you're on a budget or even if you're not..You don't need to get each and everyone of them, pick up one brush that you can use comfortably!
I personally prefer using a brush, just because it gives a fuller and even application..i first started applying liquid foundation with a fluffy face brush, then used the flat top one, and then used the stippling brush..and i guess the only thing that matters is your preference..i don't have any problem using any of the brushes

In the end i would just say there are lots of options for you out there..But the thing that matters is How Comfortable You feel with any of the methods or tools!
You Really don't need to get Everything

Hmm so how do you apply your foundation? Share your way of application and what you feel comfortable with!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. I like and am most comfortable with a stippling brush. It gives great coverage and skin looks luminous.

  2. I prefer my fingers for liquid foundation :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this..i m sure it helped many :) I prefer a stippling brush for makeup though i have seen people using their fingers to blend foundation.
    Great post <3

  4. Thanks for sharing this..u have answered so many queries through this post :) I apply foundation using a stippling brush but I know so many who are very good at blending foundation with their fingers.
    Thanks for sharing <3


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