October 9, 2011


Cover Correction Concealer by Adorn Mineral Cosmetics ~ Review + Swatches

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Hi Guys, im back with another Review!
Concealer is a must have for me, i can live without foundations..but not without a concealer ;)

i have in spotlight The Adorn Mineral Cosmetics Cover Correction Concealer!

Let me share some information about the company first..

Adorn Mineral Cosmetics is Australia's Toxic Free Luxury Cosmetics

Adorn is 100% natural,TOXIC FREE, pure mineral and organic make-up suitable for women of any age, ethnicity or skin type.  Our formulations are calming to the skin, making them ideal for women prone to sensitivities; and being fragrance-free, they are particularly compatible with delicate skin, giving a sheer, natural, flawless coverage. Adorn's eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetics are of the highest quality, celebrated by make-up artists, stylists, celebrities, dancers and models.
Once Adorned you will never go back to using your old make-up again!

The best thing: its Not Tested on Animals, a Vegan, Cruelty Free, Halal Cosmetic Company!

Lets jump onto the product review now :)

What they say

This highly pigmented concealer contains Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter Fruit and Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Yellow: Corrects red blemishes, veins, bruising and dark circles under the eyes.

Fair, Light, Medium, Medium - Dark and Dark: Will conceal most unwanted areas of pigmentation, veins, scars, bruising and blemishes.


Apply Concealer after your foundation to avoid wiping it away. Using a finger or a fine, point tipped brush lightly pat on a small amount of the yellow corrector first, then apply the appropriate skin toned concealer directly over the top. Select a shade slightly lighter than your foundation shade for under the eye area to enhance cheekbones, and the exact match for blemishes on the face. If you have baggy, puffy or crepey skin under the eyes use a concealer that is an exact match to that of your foundation as using a lightler shade will only enhance this flaw.
TIP: Set down with Perfect Finish

My Experience

Its available in three trios, i have the one in med-dark..the two shades, yellow and medium one matches my skin nicely..but the dark one is a little darker..the Ligh-Medium trio would have been the perfect match for me!

It comes in a container, which some people have problem with due to hygiene issue..but thats not an issue for me..its really light, and travel friendly too

The product itself has more of a gel-like consistency, it blends easily on the skin and works really well for under the eyes..the yellow colors reduces any redness like a charms, then top it off with the skin tone color to make the yellowness  disappear!

The only thing which was bothering me was that it has jojoba seed oil and shea butter, which i might skip for my oily skin..But i didn't have much problem, setting it with powder made the shine disappear..you can also set it with a damp sponge, it made the shine disappear and actually looked more natural
(Oh by the way, keep in mind my skin is oily in summers and dry in winters..and this time of the year its more combination/oily..but not extremely oily!)

You can see by the swatches, it is quite pigmented..works really well on skin..I used it in three different ways to seek the perfect result; first by applying the concealer on bare skin..it worked great, even under the eyes..but after 6 hours i felt a little need of touch ups!

Then i used it after applying primer, which was pretty good..the concealer held on great even after 6 hours!

And then the recommended way, using it after applying foundation..which gave even better result, i used relatively less product and the coverage was the best of all

I found this product working better with a brush, rather than my fingers..i used fingers for one eye and concealer brush for the other..The amount of product used with fingers was actually double the amount used with the brush

Overall, it is a great concealer..looks natural and covers well, its great for under the eyes..stays on for a nice amount of time, and works well when paired with your foundation or primer :)

ShyCheeeks Loves it!

Adorn Mineral Cosmetics was Very Kind to share a Special 20% off Promo Code for ShyCheeeks Readers, isn't that great!!
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Adorn Mineral Cosmetics Ship Worldwide!

Check out Adorn Mineral Cosmetics website [link here]
You can also catch them on facebook and twitter

So, what do you think about this Concealer?
How do you cover your imperfections? Your favorite product?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

(Disclaimer: This Product was sent to me by PR..This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. WOW! this looks nice :) thanks for sharing <3

  2. Looks like a nice concealor.. I need a heavy duty one really bad!

  3. Looks like great stuff! Thank for sharing :)

  4. I m already loving this trio.ty for sharing

  5. nice review and trio seems look great :)

  6. Great review! cute site too! thanks for sharing!


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