October 27, 2011


Foundation Stick by Luscious Cosmetics ~ Review + Swatches

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Hello beautiful people!
Luscious Cosmetics came up with their Foundation Stick lately, foundation sticks are pretty popular in Pakistan..topping the list: Kryolan's TV Paint Stick

Lets see how the Luscious one is ;)

What They Say?

A revolutionary Brightening Cream Foundation infused with Licorice extract for a visibly fairer complexion, this ultra-smooth and lightweight formula provides a soft matte finish.

Designed for easy application and adjustable coverage, the creamy formula effortlessly glides across your skin for a long lasting, radiant result. Makes your skin feel pampered and velvety while covering dark areas and blemishes for a perfectly skin tone.
Dermatologist Tested

Suitable for all skin types, except extremely oily skin 

How does ShyCheeeks feel about it?

Hmm it seems that whatever written above is actually true!
But about the brightening part..im not so sure, because i accidently chose the wrong shade for my skin..Oopsie :(

The packaging is pretty good, it comes in a sleek silver tube..you twist it to reveal the product, apply it directly on your skin by dabbing or swiping it on the face..and blend with fingers or sponge..i didn't use a brush with it

The one i have is 1.5 Natural Beige..i thought it would be perfect because its for Light Beige Skin Tones, but that was actually a little darker than my skin..This shade has warm undertones..My face is alot pinkish and the rest of my body has yellow undertones..so i do prefer a foundation with warm undertone to reduce the pinky-ness of my face and match it with the rest of my face!

 Coming onto the coverage, it applies nice and smoothly and can be blended accordingly to achieve sheer, medium, or full coverage..i prefer sheer coverage on the entire face and another layer on just the parts where i need a little more coverage and im good to go :)

Heres the swatch..

After blending..

It does cover well, i know its darker than my skin :(
but it covers the pinky-ness all over my cheeks and nose well..and makes my face appear more warmer, so it matches my rest of the body
It can't replace your concealer though!

The staying powder is pretty good, it does last..its not been recommended for extremely oily skin people, i have EXTREMELY oily skin in summers, but this time of the year, its going on the drier side!
The texture is soft matte, which means your face will have a little glow to it
Dry Skin people need to put a moisturizer before this, or it will accentuate the dry patches on the skin..people will combination skin just need a good primer..not too much moisturizing or your face will start feeling heavy

Price is Rs.850 for this tube, which is not a big issue..but keeping in mind the Kryolan TV Paint Stick, i think the price should've been lower or the product could have been more!

Overall, this cream based foundation is not at all heavy..did not break me out, the coverage can be maintained as you like and it last a good amount of hours on your face..without touch-ups :)

ShyCheeeks Likey!

Check out Luscious Cosmetics Website [link here]
You can also catch them on facebook and twitter

What do you guys think about the foundation stick?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

(Disclaimer: This Product was sent to me by PR..This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. good post .. Thank GOD i choose the right color ;)

  2. Great review! <3 The one I got was tad lighter than my skin tone.

  3. Nice review. I love this foundation stick more than any other foundations I have :D But, yeah for the price, it seems a little less. :)

  4. I actually like this shade.I was in search for something which is yellow yet not towards Ivory.Thanx:D

  5. nice post! :) i love this, its become my daily use product now! pls respond to http://rakhshansblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/call-for-all-beauty-bloggers-of-karachi.html

  6. Good to know you guys like it too ^_^
    @Rakshan: i responded, sorry i cant come :(

  7. that was a great review...happened same in my case.. you know i am thinking to buy one for my self but i will not buy it online i will prefer to purchase it from any leading store because last time my compact powder was bit darker then my skin tone...

  8. you're right! its better to check the shades on cosmetic counters :)

  9. is it better than kryolan tv paint stick? should i go for a stick or the mineral foundation by luscious?? currently m using the maybelline dream liquid mousse but want to change. please help

    1. I think the Kryolan one is better than this stick foundation by luscious :)
      ..choosing between mineral and stick foundation depends upon which type of product you're comfortable working with..the liquid foundation is a little easier to blend in your skin than stick foundation :)


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