October 15, 2011


La Femme by Lala ~ mid- summer collection 2011

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La Femme by Lala’s mid- summer collection in stores now

Lahore 10th October 2011: The house of Lala presents La Femme latest collection. La Femme by Lala’s latest collection draws inspiration from the perception of Pakistani's internationally - this latest collection looks to alter such negative stereotypes by presenting a collection that is vibrant in colour and design, indeed reflecting Pakistan's vibrancy as a nation and as a fashion industry. The new La Femme midsummer collection consist of prints in colours such as pastel pink, royal purple, electric blue, sunflower yellow, bougainvillea fuchsia and the subtle beige. Every La Femme print includes a chiffon dupatta with extensive detailed thread embroidery for the neckline. 

The House of Lala’s La Femme line is their high end custom designer line steeped in the embroidered aesthetic. Indeed the ethos of La Femme are designs that combine existing tradition within a contemporary context. Having started as a simple trading house in 1947, the Lala Textile brand has today grown to encompass four diverse retail brands providing accessible summer; midsummer and winter fabric ranges to ladies across Pakistan; these include Lala classic, La Moderno, La Femme and Sana & Samia. Today, with over 39 years of seasoned experience, the Lala brand continues to provide quality material through custom prints throughout the year.

Currently Lala is available nationwide in all leading cities of Pakistan and their lines, collections and brands are  known for its versatility of design and price range, ensuring the brand is always accessible to a large diversity of women.
The new La Femme line is in stores now for more details do check out the official Lala Facebook page [link here]

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  1. I think its gorgeous! Ahhhhhhh. lol too bad I don't visit often =[

  2. Nice Collections Its simply gorgeous!


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