January 31, 2012


The BH Cosmtics 88 Tropical Shimmer Palette goes to..

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 Hey Guys!
Sorry for the lack of posts these days, im in islamabad these days :)

Okay so ThankYou EVERYONE who participated in my Giveaway, there sure are lots and lots of entries!
And ThankYou BH Cosmetics for sponsoring this giveaway :)

So, the Lucky Winner Receiving the Palette is..

Madiha Ilyas

Congratulations Madiha, please email me your address within 48 hours with your shipping details :)
All of you who didn't win..Don't be sad..theres always a next time ;)

Once again, ThankYou BH Cosmetics..and Congratulations to the Winner!
..till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. wow, congrats to the winner,,,,
    awwwwww i miss this opportunity to enter this giveaway.... :(


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