February 27, 2012


Liz Earl Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask ~ Review

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Its a very confusing weather going on here in Karachi, it gets cold someday and the other day becomes hot..and the dryness of the weather remains!

Lets see how the instensive nourishing treatment mask by liz earl work for this weather

What they Say?

Problem: dry, parched and stressed skin.

Solution: this deeply rehydrating ‘moisture’ mask will help to replenish, calm, condition and moisturise skin.

Apply to face and neck and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Naturally active ingredients include St John’s wort to soothe, borage to help lock in moisture and rose scented geranium to help tone and balance.

Suitable for all skin types

ShyCheeeks Experience

My skin is on the dryer side this season..which really needs some weekly moisturizing treatment

Liz Earl's Intensive Nourishing Mask is a wash-off mask..where you put a generous layer on the skin, leave it for 10-15mins and wash it off with a cloth!

After applying this mask, it feels kind of minty and fresh..which feels really soothing and great

Its a thick cream, and it won't come off with water easily..theres a muslin cloth provided with this mask, it takes it off well

After washing this off, the skin feels really hydrated and moisturized..the best thing i think was the soothing freshness on the skin, which felt great :)

Overall, this product is solely for the weird dry weather of Karachi!
It makes the skin feel fresh and well moisturized..i just need a minimal coverage after this, where i have some redness on the face..but no extra moisturizing needed :)

ShyCheeeks Loves it!

For more Product Details: [link here]

How do you survive the winter dryness? Whats your favorite treatment masks?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

(Disclaimer: This Product was sent to me by PR..This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. I want to try Liz Earle products badly :D
    this looks like a lovely product :D

  2. this looks great! I would so love to have dry skin, my oil prone skin tends to break out so much all year around. Nice review


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