February 8, 2012


Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara ~ Review

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Hey Sweeties, im back from my short trip..it was fun, tiring and coldd!

Hmm so lets talk about Mascaras!
No eye look can be done without them
Heres our Product in Spotlight!

What they Say?

Rimmel introduces Glam’Eyes Day-2-Night, our first mascara that creates two dramatically different lash looks with just one brush. The secret is the magic double cap! During the day, choose the Length Cap for ultra-long, gorgeously defined lashes – perfect for those flirtatious encounters by the photocopier. And for night time, choose the Volume Cap, and plump your lashes to up to 15 times their normal thickness, leaving them voluptuously lush-looking and ready to party.
Now you can customise your style and transform your look with the sweep of a brush. By day, by night, double the magic and get the London look.

ShyCheeeks Experience

I personally love this 2 in 1 product!
The packaging is really nice, you take out the 'length' wand and the applicator is thin which separates the lashes nicely..For a Bold, more volumizing look..take out the 'volume' wand, its chubby and gives a nice amount of volume to your lashes :)

For me this mascara doesn't clump, smear, or flake..its stays put nicely for hours, even in a hot humid weather!
The lengthening part is great for everyday usage..and if you want to add more drama to your lashes, use the volume wand :)

Overall, This is a great mascara to have..particularly because its 2 in 1..i just wish Rimmel comes out with a waterproof formula in this one!

ShyCheeeks Loves it!

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

(Disclaimer: This Product was sent to me by PR..This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. I have tried this one and really liked it. But as it is not waterproof, I did not buy it again.
    Thanks for review. xx

  2. love the concept heard so many good thing about this thank you so much for sharing the review

  3. Got to try this! Heard so many good things about it. Great review honey :)

  4. I Heard about it before but never try it but now i am thinking to try it . Thanks for sharing <3

  5. This is my favorite product. Love it! xx

  6. Nice review! How you doing? Btw I am doing my 1st happy giveaway basically took me over 5000yen! So plz check it out and hope you will join it! xD ThanX!

  7. looking forward to get my hands on it :)


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