March 18, 2012


Oriflame Carbon Black Kajal Eye Liner ~ Review + Swatch

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Kajal was the first makeup product i used and i love it since then! <3
I got tempted to try the Oriflame kajal that comes in a lipstick kind of a packaging..lets see how it was :)

Oops the name got erased, sorry :P

What they Say?

Ultra long lasting, blacker than black kajal for intensely sultry eyes. Contains chamomile extract and antioxidant properties to help soothe and moisturise. Light, non-greasy formula leaves your skin with a wonderfully soft, velvety feel. 25 g.

I love lining my waterline, my makeup is never complete without it..thats the main reason i went for this baby!
I really like the lipstick sort of packaging, and Oriflame being an organic company was another plus point :)

Heres the swatch!

This Kajal is nice and Black on the eyes..Glides pretty easily on the waterline, i didn't have to try so hard to get the intensity :)


After an hour or two the color lost almost half the intensity and the worst part was that i got a weird black line under the outer half part of my eyes!
This never happened with me when i used my Hashmi kajal

I used this kajal in last summer and thought the humidity might have caused this, but then it happened in winters too..and not just once, everytime i thought of giving this kajal another chance of being a good little baby it ended up disappointing me :(

Overall, love the packaging and pigmentation..But after an hour or two it makes my eyes look like a mess :(
It costs about 400 PKR, which is overpriced and a total waste of money!

ShyCheeeks is Disappointed!

Own it? How did you find it? What else do you use for Waterline?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Too bad. It didn't work for you. I suggest using this on your water line only. It works better that way. :)

    1. Yup, i use it only on my waterline..i dont like putting kajal on the lid area! :)

  2. thanks for this honest review. .. !!

  3. I won this kajal from oriflame but never try it yet . You review make me feel bad about this kajal . i will try it soon , lets see what would be my experience :(

    I would love you to visit my blog .
    ღღღRabi Makeup Glitzღღღ

    1. Oh i hope it works for you, will be waiting for your review :)

  4. I never really use kajals because of the smudging! I always prefer a good pencil eyeliner or gel.

  5. I am also disappointed with this kajal it gives me raccoon eyes

  6. That happens to me with pretty much any kajal ;)Racoon eyes are part n parcel of oily lids like mine.

  7. Oh that's really a pitty :-( But it looked so good.....

    Great blog; following you now.

    My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

  8. shame about this! Shame it didnt work!
    great blog though, im following now :)

    check out mine!! x

  9. I have the same experience with Oriflame kajal. Can anybody suggest me a good Kajal other than Hasmi and Oriflame ???

  10. Good to read this.. I am currently thinking to buy this one..
    Hi from Indonesiaaa.. :D


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