April 24, 2012


Foundation 101: The Ignored Basics

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Hi sweeties, its ShyCheeeks blogging from Saudi Arabia now ;)
Sorry i've been away..was sewing my clothes (yes, you read that right hehe), shopping, packing up for my flight..ahh its been so busy lately!

Anyway, i wanted to write this post SO BADLY..I've seen so many girls in Pakistan who've been putting Foundation ALL wrong and end up ruining their whole look..No wonder guys don't like makeup :P

So Lets start with the Basics :)

Choosing the Right Shade!
I've seen girls who use a wrong shade of foundation on their face, a shade or two or even more lighter than their skin..which makes them look like a complete ghost!
Seriously, almost everyone starts making fun of them, which is sad :(
Always, ALWAYS! choose the shade of foundation matching your ACTUAL skin tone..never test it on your hand or wrist..swipe, blend and test it on your jaw bone, if it looks like your skin..its yours..otherwise keep on testing the right shade!
Alot of makeup artist prefer foundations with yellow or neutral undertones rather than a pink-ish one..because it looks more natural in photographs too

Less if More!
Makeup should ALWAYS look like your skin, not a Mask!
Start by Applying a sheer layer of foundation on your skin, you have to keep in mind not everyone need Full Coverage makeup..
Talking about me, i have acne scars on my cheeks and a little redness on the nose and cheek area..and yes, some discoloration around my eye area too :P
so i take a pea sized foundation and start with a sheer first layer with mostly on the cheeks and nose to cover the acne scars and redness..then blending the rest of the foundation on the whole face..afterwards, if i feel the need of more coverage i use a little more just on the desired area..not on the whole face

Blend Blend BLEND!
Make sure you properly Blend your foundation in your skin so it looks natural and even all over!
Take a Damp Beauty Sponge and start blending your foundation, it creates Alot natural looking skin!

Use a Concealer!
Don't put layers and layers of foundation to cover a zit/pimple, you'll end up looking CAKEY [as if you have Alot of foundation on] Spot conceal your Pimples after putting on your foundation!
And yes, your face concealer Should match your foundation color

Set Your Makeup!
Always set your makeup after you're done with foundation or concealer so it doesn't move here and there!
Use a Compact/Translucent powder whatever you like, taking a powder puff or even your face brush..dab the powder on your skin..and knock off the powder with a powder brush afterwards

Makeup Tools!
You really don't need expensive brushes to get your Face looking Flawless and Perfect, just use a Damp Beauty Sponge..it works perfect!

Its not so Hard to take care of all the above points while doing your foundation..This is what i do for myself, because i like my makeup to look natural..make sure your foundation looks like skin and not a Mask!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. I remember how a few years back I was so afraid to start using a foundation. So many of girls in my college used to look like ghosts and I thought foundation is the only reason to make them look like that. =P Later on I found out that I was wrong. This is a really nice and helpful post. Thank you for your time.

    1. Haha i know and they don't realize it! :D

  2. ThankYou for the Appreciation :)

  3. Very helpful post :) Thanx fr sharing:)

  4. Such a helpful post for beginners .

    I agree with you that most of girls like to use a thick layer of foundation just to look fair or white. Even they think their makeup incomplete without thick layer of foundation and this make them look a white painted piece of bread :( .

    1. Hmm its sad, thats the common problem i find with girls :(

  5. You won't believe how girls over here choose foundations. The whitest one. I mean seriously? They think foundations are only for making you fair. I don't know when our society is going to step out of this "fair skin" madness. And the funny part is,they wont even listen to you if you try to explain.
    Thanks for posting it. It's so helpful :)

    1. Haha i KNOW, totally agree with you!

  6. great post .. following you now :)

  7. very well written. you can see beautiful ladies in this ghastly cast in india also :)


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