May 30, 2012


[Guest Post] 3 ways to Spice-up your Makeup!

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With the warmer weather here to stay-Here are 3 simple ways to change up you look with makeup

Colored Eyeliner

Black is boring (Well unless you are like me and are carrying a couple of extra pounds around your hips-In that case black is godsend..Lol) try a colored eyeliner.Urban decay does some great colored eyeliners
-Clash and Delinquent both are great shades to try if you are in a fun mood. [check review here]

For those looking for a more budget friendly drugstore option (And who isn't? On any given day between makeup and shoes-shoes win) Covergirl does some great colored eyeliners too.

Inner Corner Highlight

If there is one tip which the beauty community has screamed about, from the rooftops-it is the importance of inner eye corner highlighting.Try a twist on this old school tip-instead of using a silver or a white shimmer shade in the inner corner use a golden bronze one.Asian skin tones have lots of yellow undertones-a shimmery bronze instantly brings the face to life.

A Great option is Benefit Cosmetic's Gilded Eyeliner Pencil.

Shimmery Nails

Forget plain old nail polish-accent nails with glitter are here to stay.Paint the ring finger or the index finger with sparkly glitter nail polish.

Great drugstore alternatives to Deborah Lippmann are Revelon's glitter nail polishes-Just as great if not better and less than half the price.


Today's Sweet Guest Blogger is Ash -the owner of  TheZar', who Blogs about Beauty, Fashion, Makeup and Food.
Don't forget to Stop by to say Hi!

I personally love doing something different every now and then, what about you? How do you spice-up your look?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. This is very interesting and helpful! :)

  2. glitter nail polish are my fav

  3. what`s the price of colored eyeliner

  4. ooh very cool must check these out, please have a look at my new blog!


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