June 12, 2012


myface cosmetics LIL' bling Chrome Nail Polish in Pruple Haze ~ Review + Swatch

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Nail Polishes are always fun, especially if they're different than the usual ones..keep on reading if you like metallic nail polishes ;)

[Im not so good on putting perfect smooth coats of Nail polish everytime, so don't mind if you see some streaks]

What they say?

LIL' BLING CHROME NAIL POLISH -- not your mother's nail polish...haute chrome coats match perfectly with blingtone eyeshadows
icy chrome coats; Fast-drying formula, professionally-polished finish.

ShyCheeeks Experience

I love soft colors of nail polishes, and im a sucker for purples!
The chrome nail polish is a very pretty metallic purple..these chrome nail polishes are supposed to match and pair with the blingtone eyeshadows [link here]

The blingtone eyeshadow is more pink-ish than the chrome nail polish, its not an exact match..the nail polish actually looks alot pink-ish in the photographs though! hmm..

Anyway, the swatch is not an issue for me..i absolutely adore the color and finish of this nail polish..it does start chipping after two or three days..you'll have to put a top coat to avoid chipping so fast

If you're like me, you don't like waiting for your nail polish to take alot of time to dry..then you're going to love this one!
I usually mess-up my nail polish when its not completely dry..but this baby was really quick drying :)

Overall, i love the chrome nail polish..it does start to chip a little after 2 or 3 days..but then every nail polish starts to chip on my nails after this much time
Apart from that, its fast in drying..plus the color and finish is gorgeous!

ShyCheeeks Loves it!

for more product details [check link here]

How did you find the Chrome Nail Polish? Do you like the metallic finish?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

(Disclaimer: This Product was sent to me by PR..This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. WOW, love the color :) it's so beautiful xx

  2. This is a Beautiful shade!

  3. wow color is simple wow. thanks for sharing. and very well applied. do a tutorial how you apply nail colors?

  4. We have the similarity!:) I like metallic nail polish too. Really putting nail arts are very nice and very awesome to our nails.

  5. I love the polishes and shadows i am abotu to make an order after seeing this post

  6. is it available in Lahore Pakistan?


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