July 15, 2012


Luscious Cosmetics Glamoreyes Kit Intense ~ Review + Swatches

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This review was on pending for a really long time, i actually took the photos few months back but the swatches weren't so clear..and then i got too lazy for retaking the pictures!

Anyway, if you love lining your eyes..and love switching between black and colored eyeliners then keep on reading! :)

What they Say?

A sleek mirrored palette filled with 7 shades of ultra-glam cream eye liner and a mini liner brush. Each silky shade can be used as an eyeliner for a line of intense color or as a cream eyeshadow for a softer, smudged effect. Mix and match the shades for your own signature look and inspire the makeup artist in you!

Glamoreyes Intense version contains deep, intense colors perfect for creating smokey looks.

Starting with the packaging, its nice and compact..and i love that it has a nice big mirror in it and a tiny brush which isn't so bad either!
But i personally prefer an eyeliner brush with this, the Sigma E10 Eyeliner brush or the Luscious Cosmetics eyeliner brush that comes in their 12pcs brush kit [review here]

The texture is creamy, they take some time to set..So if you want to smudge the liner or apply it as an eyeshadow base then smudge/blend it before it dries! I personally haven't used these as eyeshadow base yet, but use an eyeshadow primer first if you do!

These don't claim to be waterproof, so don't apply them on your waterline or they'll fade away..But i tested them on my hand and poured water on them, they didn't fade either..unless you start rubbing!

Even on oily lids they will stay put, but i recommend using an eyeshadow first then line your eyes with these :)
Lets hop onto the swatches now :)

Midnight Blue (a deep blue), Slate (dark grey with metallic and shimmery finish)

Amethyst (plummy purple), Chocolate Brown (dark brown)

Moss Green (dark green), Mercury (taupe brown)

Kohl (black)

I actually love All the shades in this kit!
Pigmentation is pretty good and im impressed by the staying power too, i lined my eyes and after 5 - 6 hours it was still in perfect condition..even though i was working and sweaty!

Its available for 850 PKR on Luscious Cosmetics Website and their Counters

Overall, for the price this gives you a good amount of colors and product..I love using them for lining my eyes! Once these are set, they stay put nicely and don't move or smudge throughout the day :)

ShyCheeeks Loves it!

I wish to see Luscious Cosmetics coming out with some waterproof gel liners like these..which i can use on my waterline too, that would be exciting!

Did you try the Glamor Eyes Intense Liners? Are you into Colored Eyeliners? What do you love for lining your eyes?
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Is this available in Saudi too?

  2. Thie pigmentation looks great too! Nice review!

  3. It disappears on me after a while :(

    1. Really? Thats bad..I've been wearing the brown one today, its been 9 hours and its still good! :)

  4. These never worked for me, they don't show a lot of pigmentation on my skin and disappear completely after a very short time, such a waste of money! =/

    1. Do your cream liner swatches look like mine? I hope your cream liners aren't dried on the surface..give them a little rub to moisten the surface then check hows the pigmentation :)

  5. I'm having a Bath and Body Works giveaway on my blog! I invite you to enter <3 :)

  6. I have this kit but my lids are too oily so it did not suited me much. Colors are nice in the kit but not much good. :) anyway thanks for sharing :) <3

    1. Hmm i think this is nice if you're on a budget :)
      I too have oily lids, i make sure to wear an eyeshadow before applying these..and they stay really well on me :)

  7. I have the metallic one and I love it.. gotta review it soon on my blog. :) Nice blog btw. :)


    1. Thats great, will be waiting for it then :)

  8. such a nice review... great post

  9. You take such amazing pictures. After seeing your intense swatches I am tempted to buy even when I am not much into creamy eyeshadows. :)

    1. ThankYou so much for your kind words :)

  10. Your blog is fabulous! I'm a new follower, please follow back!


  11. I have this and to be honest, this product is not for people with oily lids. If applied as an eye shadow base, it creases instantly and does not really bring out the colors of the shadows. If applied as liner, it will fade away in like 30 minutes or so.

    1. Hmm but thats a weird thing, i too have oily lids but i didn' experience anything bad from this..looks like i got lucky here :)


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