September 22, 2012


Apothica HAUL ~ and Shopping Experience!

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Hey guys!
im excited to share with you my Apothica HAUL today :D

Apothica [link here] is an online beauty boutique, which carries the finest selection of skin care, body care, aromatherapy, and cosmetic products on the market today, including the most natural, organic products available. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality products formulated to promote and enhance your natural beauty. 

Coming onto what i got ;)

Now lets jump onto some closer looks of what i got and my experience with

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Eye Pencil Kit for $19
These come in a set of 4 Pencil liners which are smudge and waterproof

Too Faces Lockdown Eye Primer for $18
Its actually Their Shadow Insurance eye primer in the form of Cream Eyeshadow!

Vincent Longo Lips and Cheek Gel Stain for $22
I read so much about this that it is one of the Best stain out there, couldn't resisted buying it ;)

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer and Hot Mama Blush for $19 each
(Don't be shocked with the packaging, i needed to maintain modesty on my blog :P hehe)

These are said to be similar but better than Nars Orgasm and Nars Laguna..i had to get them too!!

And lastly two samples i got with my order :)

ShyCheeeks Experience, and are actually sister sites..they all share the same Shopping cart

Well, this was my first purchase from, my Aunty (khala) was coming to Pakistan from U.S and it was the best opportunity for me to order stuff thats not available here! ahh its sad when you can't find the good stuff here in Pakistan :(

I didn't deliver my order to Pakistan just because of our Custom/Duty people, they won't leave you without charging you with tax if you have a high amount order..ugh :(
Plus, i didn't want to pay the international Delivery charges hehe ;)

After i made the Purchase, i got a 'your order has been shipped' email with the Tracking code of my Package :)
The weird thing i experienced was that i got two 'your order has been shipped' emails, with two different tracking codes..and both the packages were dispatched from different got me pretty confused but then i came to know my total order was actually delivered in two parts! The first package contained half of the stuff and the rest came with the second package :)

Everything was securely delivered (on my aunt's address) within 10 days of my purchase, nothing was broken or damaged :)

So far, im really happy with my purchase..Everything i got is just Love!
I will be reviewing them soon on my Blog, let me know in the Comments below what should i Review first :)

So, what was your latest purchase? Have you tried any of these? Share your thoughts!
Will be waiting for your comments/ questions/ opinions...till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Nice haul. I just bought Loreal color riche lipsticks=)

  2. AWESOMEEE!!! Review them alll :D :D

  3. I've heard only good things on the stuff by The balm. :) Great choice! lol, at the cencor. haha!

  4. SO cool. I really like theBalm blushes, no matter how much you have messed with their pictures haha. :P

  5. Lovely Review
    love the way you right


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