November 23, 2012


Cut your Hair at Home ~ Crea Clip Review

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Not so long ago i was asked by a sweet reader of my blog to suggest a good place for a hair cut? And to be very honest, i actually cut my hair at home now..even layered hair, oh yes! ;)

I have had lots and lots of bad experiences with hair salons, they NEVER listen and i end up having a horrible hair cut :(

But then, i got a little lucky and found a great way to cut my own hair at home..Keep reading to find out how!

What they Say?

Cut your Hair at Home!
  • Trim your Bangs
  • Cut your Children's Hair
  • Create Layers
  • Save Time and Money

ShyCheeeks Experience

Before i had these, i actually used a regular comb instead..which did create nice layers but you have to be super careful because it doesn't grab the hair properly and if you move, you'll end up with un even layers!

This Crea Clip pack contains one big clip for your entire hair and the other one just for the bangs

Crea Clip is just like a big clip, it has a little comb inside to keep your hair from moving and getting out..The nicest thing about it is the balance, check the picture below..

It lets you to create an even cut everytime, especially when you're cutting your fringe/bangs

The process is pretty easy, just clip your hair..slide to desired length and start cutting!
and for layers, flip your hair upside down..clip your hair, don't get it too close to your head or your front layers will get too small..and start cutting..If you're a beginner to this technique, calculate the desired length with your hands first

You can check out how to use the Crea Clip from their website [link here]
or from YouTube [which is blocked in Pakistan these days]

This set is available for $29.99..which for me is Alot better than the continuous 'disappointing hair cut' trips from the overly charging hair salons!
And yes, they ship internationally :)

ShyCheeeks Loves it!

So, how do you cut your hair? Do you get disappointed by the Hair Salons?
I hope you liked the review, don't forget to share your thoughts..i love reading them! ..till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. great post...m gonna try this :)

  2. i am so looking for this product.. and you made my day really!!! i am wanting this so badly

  3. Wow this is great tool to cut your own hairs. Really enjoy reading this review <3

  4. That's such a cool thing. Never seen something like that before!

  5. Very interesting review... enjoyed it alot. I could cut my daughter's hair, if I had it!

  6. That looks very interesting, I love DIY. xx

  7. Oh wow, really?!? Its always so good to find out amazing suggestions for women around the corner just because of you.
    Your posts are still amazing & informative :)

  8. Wow that's a great tool for my sister. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Seems like a great and easy hair cutting tool!xxParo

  10. Nice tool!xxParo

  11. After reading sooo many reviews i feel like trying it..I once cut my front hair myself..It was a

    1. Haha i know how that would have ended up like! :D


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