February 14, 2013


OPI Spiderman Collection Set ~ Review + Swatches

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When i saw this set, the first thing that came in my mind was my little Niece :)
She is a huge fan of Spiderman!

Check out the full post to see if its worth your money or not

What they Say?

OPI captures the vivid colours and fabulous adventure of the Sony release of The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone with seven new shades for the Winter and beyond!

The Amazing Spider-Man collection includes a stunning range of red, gold and sage, and a villainous Shatter the Scales to add a little edge.

Here are the Four little Babies from the Collection..

Coming onto the swatches now :)

Into The Night This perfect
midnight blue was made for prowling..

Number One Nemesis
Show your metal in this sparkling nickel.

Just Spotted The Lizard
Be seen in this reptilian yellow-green.

Your Web Or Mine?
The perfect pink for sticky situations. 

ShyCheeeks Experience

This set contains four mini bottles that compliment the Spiderman theme..Altough spideman doesn't wear a Glittery costume, these shade are all sparkly!
All the four shades are absolutely gorgeous, im loving 'Number One Nemesis' the most..its a gorgeous glittery taupe shade..i will definitly buy its full-sized one when i empty this bottle ;)

I like the fact they applied smoothly, all the shades except the pink one needed three coats for an opaque result..But looking at the size of these bottle, i think one bottle will last me for 5 or 6 times of application on both hands

Overall, these sets are a good way to try different colors..they are half the size of the original ones and will cost you almost the amount of two full-sized bottles! :)

ShyCheeeks Likie!

Have you tried these? Which ones are your favorite colors from OPI?
I hope you liked the review, don't forget to share your thoughts..i love reading them! ..till then, takecare :)

(Disclaimer: PR Sample sent for consideration..But it has not affected my opinion, This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Into the night this perfect and Your web or mine are absolutely gorgeous! x


  2. I just love the collection. All these colors are my favorite.. <3

  3. Wow last three colors are fabulous <3

  4. The colours are amazing. Especially Number One Nemesis! x

  5. The two greens are to die for :) Thanx for sharing.

  6. All the shades are just amazing:) xx

  7. These colours suit the collection very well. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. beautiful set, i love the second color

  9. the lizard shade is good but I kinda' irk at the name...lolz..nice shades... I want there GERMINIES collection BADLY

  10. i just got 'just spotted the lizard' and im lovin' it!! gorgeous collection!:) xx

  11. Just Spotted The Lizard is very pretty n different shade
    i loved your swatches

  12. Nice colors... I loved your photography.. which camera do you use?

  13. wow, great colors, i like the yellow-green one, how much it is?


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