February 27, 2013


Sweet Touch Glam'n'Shine in Satin Peach ~ Review + Swatch

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There always is a product that just tempts me to own it..I just love marble design on blushes!
The Sweet Touch Glam'n'Shine instantly caught my attention, keep on reading to find out if its worth your money or not! ;)

What they say?

Sweet Touch is a renowned brand name in skin care and color cosmetics category and adheres to the highest European quality standards. Its extensive product line includes makeup for eyes, lips, nails and skin, its uniqueness lies in the broad spectrum of color shades. It is available in all major retail outlets, beauty salons and cosmetic stores in Pakistan and in other countries as well and is manufactured in Europe under high quality standards.

(Well i couldn't find any information about this blush on the internet, sorry)

ShyCheeeks Experience

Starting off with a little 'first impressions' talk..I saw this blush and loved the combination of colors in it, this can be used as a highlighter or blush..The color shade is Satin Peach, but when i swiped my finger on the design the color actually was a nude peach because of all the browns mixed in it..I have used it alot of times, the design is still pretty good and theres loads of product left!
Heres the swatch..

There isn't much peach when you swirl your brush/finger on the marble design!
When i applied it on my cheeks with my F50 Duo Fibre Brush, it looked very subtle..it gave me a candle lit glow with very fine shimmer..I like the fact you can't go overboard with this, no matter how much you applied, it stayed pretty natural..So if you're looking for a product that will look very prominent on your skin, this might not be your catch

The lasting power was pretty good, i could still see it after 6 hours when i looked closely in the mirror..The only problem was the shade maybe, the pigmentation is sheer and wasn't standing out on my cheeks..As you saw the swatch, it looks more like my own skin color but with a natural satin glow..

Overall, this is a product that can be used everyday for a subtle glow on your face, if you're a person who doesn't like to go overboard with satin/shimmer products then this will be a good option..but still, like the shade name i do wish it had a little more touch of peach and less browns to show up better on the skin!
Its available for 843 PKR on all Sweet Touch Counters :)

ShyCheeeks Likie!

What do you think about it? What do you look in a highlighter/blush?
I hope you liked the review, don't forget to share your thoughts..i love reading them! ..till then, takecare :) 

(Disclaimer: PR Sample sent for consideration..But it has not affected my opinion, This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. o wow cute blush shy , nice review !

  2. Ive only ever tried sweet touch nail polishes, this one seems like a gorgeous highlighter!

  3. it looks like a beautiful highlighter!!:) x

  4. Seems very pretty, Love the effect too <3

  5. this looks beautiful, although i never tried anything from this brand except their eye liners

  6. Awww!!! It looks like a marble cake to me :-D Thanks for sharing love xx

  7. Loving it for a highlightning purpose :)

  8. I'm so gonna go out and buy this right away! :)

  9. looks very pretty
    thanx for sharing :)

  10. i alwyas stop to use this one by sweet touch on my dept store visit.never bough coz wasnt sure but after ur review i think i should give it a try.it look good,girly and yummy.pricey yes but natural look is a convincing argument for me.i love shimmers but dont want to look like a glitter disaster.so i will def try this.thanx for sharing.xoxoxo

  11. Now this is really tempting me! I love how natural it appears. Great review! :)

  12. Good product but i like mac more

  13. Where can I buy this product...i live in uk. Thanks x

    1. Sorry, i don't know if its available in UK,


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