March 25, 2013


Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes!

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I get loads of questions about my must-have brushes..So i thought why not do a little detailed post about it here :)

I picked a few brushes that i frequently use in any Eye Makeup..Keep reading to know about them!

Starting off with an Eye shading brush like E55 [link here]
This one is used for packing eyeshadow all over the lid evenly, the bristles are soft and dense..The length is just right for eyelids, not too small and not too big!

The second one is the E25 Blending Brush [link here]
This one has multiple uses..its slightly flatter unlike the fluffy blending can use it to put color in the crease area as well as blending any harsh lines!
You can also use this one as a concealer brush too..After finishing my eye makeup, i use this to apply a concealer under the eye to clean the area..I actually prefer putting on foundation after doing eye makeup :)

Coming onto the Small Tapered Blending Brush like E45 [link here]
This one has a precise tip like the Pencil brush..but is fluffly enough to blend the color easily..This brush lets you blend color in a very precise area..Just put the color on the tip of this brush and blend it the crease area or you can also use this to soften any harsh edges with a light color

The Pencil Brush E30 [link here]
This one will work great to smudge your eyeliner, or create dimension in your eye makeup by working with a dark color in the outer V area

Short Shader Brush E20 [link here]
I love using this brush for putting color on my lower lid..I don't like applying a thick line on my lower lid, this brush is flat and precise..just right to do the job

Small Eye Liner Brush E10 [link here]
Lastly a thin precise eyeliner can definitely skip this if you like using liquid/pencil eyeliner :) 

So these are some of my most loved brushes, having the right tools for the right job makes eyerything really easy!
I hope you found this post helpful, don't forget to share your thoughts..i love reading them! ..till then, takecare :) 

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Very helpful post! I love Sigma brushes <3

  2. Great selection! I love E55 & E25. :) x

  3. The E45 one seems like a nice choice:)

  4. Very helpful! Thnx for sharing :) xx

  5. such a helpful and cute post....

  6. nice review... lovely choice though... i like E20, E25 and E55..

  7. Havent tried any sigma brushes! I should really haha

  8. thankyou for this post dear.very informative

  9. Well I must say this was far more informative than I searched for in the last couple of days. By the way what's your favorite (local) brand when you choose ur brushes? Let us know love.

    How to shop online

  10. So useful and informative!!! Loved it xxx

  11. Very informative for newbies:) xx

  12. what an awesome post.Thnaks dear

  13. such an informative post , thanks for sharing :)


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