March 14, 2016


Model21 Eyelashes No.19 combo ~ Review

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False Lashes doesn't always have to be dramatic all the time!
Keep reading to know more about the Model21 Eyelashes No.19 Combo :)

What they Say?

Combo box 19combo contains 5 different pairs, two pairs each of the following styles 19T, 2T, 3T, 40T and 63. You get to try out 5 of our popular styles, 10 pairs total in each box.

ShyCheeeks Experience

I have tried the dense lashes before, i love using them but they get too dramatic for everyday use or even for every look!
When i got these eyelashes from Model21 eyelashes..they looked perfect, very natural and not too dramatic..this set contains a really nice variety of eyelashes, you can wear them everyday..They do have a little thicker band (the part that holds the eyelashes) than the ardell ones i have..but thats not really an issue for me because its pretty flexible and easy to apply :)

Okay, coming onto how these actually look on the eyes ;)
Starting with ShyCheeeks Eyes with and without mascara..ahh they look so sad and lonely!

with 2T Eyelashes
These give an overall length and fullness to the eyelashes

with 40T Eyelashes
These are more on the lengthening side

with 19T Eyelashes 
These give length to the eyelashes plus a little fullness in the middle

with 63 Eyelashes
These aren't long, they're great for adding a little fullness to the lashes with a natural length

with 13T Eyelashes
These are absolutely lovely, they give a natural length and fullness to the eyelashes but add a little drama to the outer eyelashes

Im absolutely loving each and every eyelash here, they're in expensive,,you can check the price and details here..They're currently on Sale with the price tag of  $12.95 [link here]

You can reuse these eyelashes too, make sure you take off the eyelash glue gently from the band of the lashesFalse Eyelashes are pretty delicate, if you're not gentle you'll end up tearing them
- trust me, i know :(

Overall, this is a perfect set of eyelashes to give a natural but edgy look to your eyes!

Check out their website [link here]
They also have a Facebook Fan Page [link here]

ShyCheeeks Loves these babies!

So have you tried this Brand? Which ones do you like?
I hope you liked the review, don't forget to share your thoughts..i love reading them! ..till then, takecare :)

(Disclaimer: PR Sample sent for consideration..But it has not affected my opinion, This review is purely written by me from my own experience...i am not paid for writing any review on any product...your experience might be different from mine!)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. looking so amazing and soooo natural :)

  2. quite impressive I like ur " Soa sad and lonely" line ur eyes got good companions:)

  3. Wow! Every lash looks so natural. xx

  4. I've got two pairs from them and I loved them... I have got 21 and 13T as well and loved them completely <3 Loved your pics xox


  6. i totally agree with u. These look FAB! xx

  7. I love them all! Thanks for showing how they all look when worn:) xx

  8. All pairs are nice . I have reviewed their lashes and they are amazing but only one thing is missing , lash adhesive .

    1. Hmm i agree! with a lash adhesive this would've been even better :)

  9. Great post..Thanks for the information


  10. Wow these lashes sure are stunning! Love your pictures. ♥

  11. Hy
    You have share a great an amazing information i love it. Thanks for share it. :)

  12. wow im loving it .... shy im ur new follower
    here is my link if u like than follow n if u dont than its up to u :)

    1. ThankYou for following my blog <3
      I will check out your blog when i login from my laptop :)

  13. in box the lash band looks quite hard. but on ur eyes the lashes n lash band is super natural. i must say u rvery good in applying falsies... great

  14. very pretty i always look for thick and long lashes i will try them out
    Thank you the review


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