May 2, 2016


Christine 9 Pcs. Brush kit ~ Review

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Ahemm.. Sorry about the dirty brush kit! This was the first brush kit i got after the sponge tip applicator era :p
Well, there isn't any info about these brushes from the company, keep on reading to know how these are :)

 I grabbed this i guess 7 8 years back.. its pretty old but not much used..and theres a perfect reason why!
Back then i was practicing makeup, i needed some tools to practice on..This brush kit seemed great..It had 9 brushes which were pretty decent quality for a cheap brand.. 9 brushes for 500 rs felt great but after using it i could feel it isn't a very well thought/designed kit..

Now let me introduce you to the members of this brush kit family..

Firstly, a powders brush..we all know what that is for :p

Angled Blush brush, great for contouring and applying blush.
Oh look the poor babies are growing old..ahh white hair!

Fan brush.. This was one of the useless brushes in the set!
Its really flat, not likely for powdering or sculpting the face, i never really used it

This one i wouldn't say is completely useless, you can definitely use the comb to separate the clumpy lashes after using mascara..and comb the eyebrows. 

Eyebrow brush, which is absolutely hard and stiff!
I never liked it

Soft angled eye brush, a nice alternative to the fluffy blending brush

and look at this tiny Eye shading brush.. Seriously?!
This ones more suitable to work as a lip brush..useless for eye area.

Eyeliner brush, no issues with this baby

This is the lip brush..which is more like a small blending brush, it works well for precise blending on the eyes.

Overall, i would say this is a decent quality brush kit..i just had the issue with the brush selection here..theres a tiny brush for eye shading, a soft dome-shaped brush for lips..some brushes are really soft, others are pretty okay..and theres this stiff one for eyebrows which feels spikes!

I don't really know if this kit is still available in the market, i didn't check it again..But there is a 23 Pcs. brush kit by Christine Cosmetics too which might be a better purchase than this one..So if you're a beginner and you need a budget friendly brush kit to practice on, you can definitely check out the 23 Pcs one..but don't waste your money on this one :)

So, have you tried this brand? Which makeup brush brand do you prefer?
I hope you liked the review, don't forget to share your thoughts..i love reading them! ..till then, takecare :)

ShyCheeeks signin out ~


  1. Great Review, Agreed, for beginners, they should try to use some cheap quality brushes, as on initial level they dont know how to use the tools and applicators and mostly damages them. :(

  2. it is really nice tool kit to have... Nice review... thanks for sharing...

  3. Nice Review ..

  4. i could be a good affordable starting kit

  5. it is affordable:

  6. Awesome brushes and I loved your clicks! :) Good Post

  7. Nice review
    and its looking pretty good
    I like sigma and catwalk glamour's makeup brushes

  8. The price is good but unfortunately the brushes aren't :( x

  9. Great review! I've always wanted a to try out the brush kit by christine <3 <3

  10. few of the brushes looks little useless for me.. but of course for starting with its one of the best brushes:)

  11. great review..i am in love with christine makeup products specially nail paints and eye pencils ...

  12. v nice lip brush. i use in smokey eye. nice blending...... i want. where can i purchase?

  13. where can i purchase same brush. specially lip brush. here many shops. but fake brushes . not this one


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