* How did you start getting into Makeup and Blogging?

Since my childhood, i am the only sister who loves dressing up, trying different hair styles, and secretly playing with my mom's makeup hehe ;)
As i grew up and started to save some pocket money, i started buying makeup stuff..I used to read different reviews from bloggers and my interest in Blogging developed..I suppose the credit goes to the Beauty Bloggers out there who inspired me to write :)

* Whats your Real name?

Well, i actually prefer not to disclose it..Its just a personal preference! I like to keep my Beauty Blogging life separate from my personal one..Hope you don't mind :)

* Where are you from?

I was born in Saudi Arabia. Then i had to move to Pakistan for me and my siblings' higher studies..Now i am happily married and residing in Canada with my Husband.

* Which Camera do you use?

I use my Nikon D5100 for all my photos, with a nikkor 40mm f/2.8 Macro lens..Love these babies! <3

* Do you prefer High End or Drugstore Makeup?

That actually depends on my choice..if im getting something better from the Drugstore, i go for that..I don't earn myself, no..not even from my Blog! but i do have my husband to pay my bills hehe ;)
I like saving up for all my expenses! So i get pretty picky when getting High-End stuff..and love hunting for some budget-friendly stuff! :)


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  1. love the way you write.. happy that i found a middle eastern india/paki blogger..:) iam a newbie in beauty blogging, check out my blog, let me knoe if you liked it :)


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